Saginaw Valley State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the amount of field experience you get regardless of your major.


I consider the best thing about my school is the sport games because that is when the majority of the school comes together to show school spirit.


The class sizes are very reasonable. If you are looking for a university setting minus the overwhelming amount of people, then this university is a great place to go.


That it is a small school, so getting to class on time will be easy and not such a stressful sitaution.


The professors in my chosen field were knowledgeable in their areas, willing to help the students succeed, and available when necessary for students conferences. They added to an atmosphere that was open, friendly, and welcoming.


Saginaw Valley State University is located in an area with easy access to malls, restaurants and movie theaters but it is small enough to get around with out getting lost. SVSU offers a good mixture of registered student organizations. The sports programs are strong and most of the professors actively engage students in out of class discussions.


Personally, the best thing about Saginaw Valley State University is its close proximity to my home. It is convenient for me to drive to SVSU to attend class, and I don't have to pay for campus housing.


SVSU is constantly growing. We have new and expanded on and off-campus dormatories that are less than 5-10 years old. Our new Engineering Division is only a few years old with all the latest equipment to help with learning our field. All of us are invited to work on National Engineering Racing competitions where we design and build a race car from the ground up. The best part is it restart every year. We look at the things that were learned and use the information with the next class of students in their designs.


The classes sizes are never more than 30 students. The professors are always available for help or advise when you need it.


The best thing that I consider about my school would be it offer's my program and I don't have to transfer anywhere and it also offer's clubs to support my major. It is also close to home. Also it is nice to have professeors that care about you and how you do in school.


The best thing about Saginaw Valley is the teachers. Now I realize most kids might say that to suck up for this money, it's true here. At my school the teachers care, they actually give a shit about their student's which is harder to find then you'd think. I spent four years of high school in rooms staring out windows and graduated Magna cum laude. The teacher's passed kids along without imparting on them the necessary knowledge , only work as hard as the paycheck. I am learning here, being challenged, and ready to face the future.


The Best Thing About Saginaw Is The Learning Environment. They Have All Types Of Tutors For Each Field Of Study.


It is a good school to go to in order to get a good education and not end up with student loans.


The class sizes are small and I get to know my profefssors on a first name basis. I also like the availability of activities, the overall atmosphere on campus, and the quality of the droms.


Small classes


The tight knit community. While there were approximately 10,000 students, only about 2,500 lived on campus and many of the off campus students were non-traditional students. This made the smaller percentage of traditional, full time, on campus students get a lot closer than at other schools.


It is growing tremendously and will become a great univeristy for students to attend when it grows


Small environment where you will get to know a lot of people well.


I feel the best thing about my campus is that it is the perfect size. The class sizes are small and it helps the students and professors. The professors learn names which is nice. Personally I found it is easier to not have the earge to skip class. I have not missed a class for the year that I have been here.