Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


St. Ambrose University is a very friendly school & also has a very good nursing program.


Saint Ambrose University is a small private college in Davenport, Iowa that has a faculty that is willing to help the student all while keeping the atmosphere a friendly and inviting atmosphere.


It is a place where diverse and great people go to look for a greater future.


Small but comfortable.


Saint Ambrose University is a very welcoming place and a great learning community filled with wonderful people and services.


Saint Ambrose is a very friendly, caring, and acceptive school to attend; Professors and students are always there to help when needed.


Saint Ambrose is a very professional liberal arts University that offers a well-rounded education for all of those who attend.


My school is pretty, fun, and provides a good education.


Not diverse enough, Ambrose needs to grow because all minorities there only make up 7% of the school population.


Saint Ambrose is a private, small school.


A great place to learn, meet people, and enjoy your educational experience.


St. Ambrose is a small Catholic University with many activites and majors to choose from that will give you a great experience whether you live at home or on campus with their fun atmosphere.


Goal-oriented and friendly.


My school is fun and lively, it feels like it is its own community in the surrounding one! My school has small more personable class sizes, great faculty and staff, great access to resources, a student success center for tutoring and other needs, and a large job placement program. There is a great art scene here with amazing plays and exhibits and guest artists. There is a large athletic part to my school and the football and basketball games are really fun. It is just a great school with a great feel and great people.


It feels like home, even itf you dont live on campus.