Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is known for an excellent education, with a focus on helping the community.


I would say that St. Ambrose University is best known for its Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy programs. I have a lot of friends who are attending for one of those two majors and I know that the program is kind of hard to get into, but it is a great program. I would also say our business department is pretty strong too. We have many people dedicated to helping make Business majors well-rounded people to help them stand out in the job market.


St. Ambrose University is best known for it's athletics and education. It offers a wide range of sports that are all successful. Football is the biggest sport on campus and their success is growing. The school as a whole is inviting. The faculty and students are all nice and help you in whatever you may need to achieve your educational goals.


The administrators and faculty of Saint Ambrose University have done a wonderful job at creating well-rounded, well educated business graduates. Saint Ambrose is becoming more and more recognized for the faculty and staff's abilities to produce excellent candidates for job openings in all areas of business.


Saint Ambrose University is best known for its academic programs. They are really good programs and the faculty and staff are really nice. Saint Ambrose is a good school if you want a small classroom size and get to know your teachers and ask for help.


Saint Ambrose University is best known for it's doctorate in physical therapy program. It is a five and a half year program.


Probably theatre and nursing.


St. Ambrose University is know for its students. Us midwesterns are know for our compasion and our willingness to help a neighbor out that is in need. When I first started it was hard to read the map and find the different buildings, but all I needed was the courage to ask for help and sometimes not even that. Ambrose students were always ready with a smile to help me when I asked and some of them even noticed I needed help without me even asking for it!


Saint Ambrose is a catholic school known for thie excellent programs. They have ministry, business, physical and occupational therapies as well as a new speech and language pathology program.


Mostly, I would say that it's know for being a good quality private school that anybody can get into. Or course, this doesn't guarantee that anybody can succeed, but those who can't are usually filtered out in the first year or two. As a secondary point, many of the faculty are very outspoken regarding the environment. This has resulted in some significant attention from the press.




Nursing and Business degrees


St. Ambrose is well known for its school spirit. We are a close-knit community in which everybody knows each other. We are known for our small class sizes and the oppourtunity for students to really get to know their professors and vice versa.


Its Physical Therapy and Nursing Program.


the physical therapy and nursing programs