Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

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The school's sense of responsiblity to the Davenport community is something Saint Ambrose University prides itself on. Students are encouraged to be involved in community activities such as neighborhood preservation, tutoring programs in the elementary school, and other services activities.


The quality of the dorm life at St. Ambrose is very unique of any other schools I considered. Ambrose has very high quality dorms and other living areas. All dorms are suite style so you don't have to share a bathroom with more than 5 other people. They also have a lot of on-campus houses to give students real-life feel while still not paying extra rent. All of the housing is very well kept and nice, comfortable amounts of space.


The faculty and staff really care about the students. You're not just another number, here, like you are at state institutions. They really try to help you and in some cases, figuratively bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals and succeed.


Saint Ambrose is a smaller university which allows for more one on one teacher-student interactions. This benefits the student, and allows the student to understand the concepts better. The staff is also more welcoming and really wants to get to know the students. I received a hand-written note about my acceptance, which rarely happens at larger universities. Saint Ambrose campus is like a small family, everyone is there to help and look after one another.


St. Ambrose University is a smaller, but still a very diverse campus. I love that I am able to get to know all of my professors. St. Ambrose offers an education different from many other schools. As a liberal arts school I know that I will have a well-rounded education and be prepared for my next move after college, whatever it may be.


Our dorms are amazing and that is the main reason i chose ambrose. This school allowed me to change my major four times and still graduate ontime. Everyone here is really nice and welcoming. The first time i visited here people held the door open for me and did alot of nice things. That is another reason I came here. I aslo loved the surrounding commuity. Its not a huge city but there is enough stuff to do that you feel like your part of a greater commuinty.


At SAU you are a name and not just a number. Teachers are concerned with your progress through a program and there are MANY services offered to aid students through their classes.


What is unique about Saint Ambrose is the size of the classroom. I was in a class with as low as 14 students in the class and I enjoyed it because the teacher was very involved and I actually felt like I understood what the class was about.


Class size and campus size


THis school has a great student to teacher ratio. THe teachers are really good about meeting with their students for extra help. There is a 3:1 ratio of girls to guys here.


We have a good service learning program. The catholic tradition and atmosphere is nice here. You have many options of how to be involved. From volunteering to intramural sports or art events.


It's small and friendly so it is easy to meet people and see them around campus or in class.


We're small, we're very familial, and we know who we are as Ambrosians.