Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about St. Ambrose would be the housing situation for next year. We will have more students than we can house currently, so that is causing some issues.


I would say that one of the worst things about Ambrose is that we are not as diverse as I would like for us to be.


The worst thing that i consider about St.Ambrose is that i don't like the cafeteria schedule because the cafe closes by six o'clock in the afternoon and i usually don't even eat dinner by six. The food isn't always the best either but at least they offer a variety.


The schools returning student/eventing degree program uses accelerated five to eight week classes. As a working adult, it is difficult to add this much course work into such a short period of time. I would rather take multiple, full semester courses than three accelerated courses, one at a time.


St. Ambrose is an extremely expensive school. Even with scholarships, I will have to take out massive amounts of loans to cover my education. I know college is an investment in my future, but St. Ambrose is an extremely large investment! I have always had very good grades in school and so I have a fairly large scholarship, but it is still very expensive for me. I can't imagine being a B or a C student trying to attend St. Ambrose. Given my financial status, I wouldn't be able to afford St. Ambrose.


I would consider the worst thing about St. Ambrose to be the cost, but St. Ambrose is a private catholic college and you have to expect that. Even though St. Ambrose does offer competive scholarships and financial aid to compensate for the expenses, I still have alternative loans to cover the costs.


The meal plan. The food sucks. Unless you move off of campus, you are required to pay for a meal plan. That's at least $3000 per year that I, and others, are wasting.


The worst thing at the school is the food. Some people really enjoy it but for me I do not like it because it is too plain.


the fact that they require a theology class for graduation. they may have been a catholic private school but they arnt anymore and shouldnt force students to take a pointless religion based class.


The people there are very click-ish...still act like they are in highschool.


I would say the worst thing about my school is the surrounding area. It isnt the nicest place in the world. It has alot of crime problems. The neighborhoods are real ghetto and worn . Gang related activity is taking place around the campus but never on it.


The worst part about the school is the fact that it is run by the Davenport Catholic Diocese. While student input counts, the administration must always follow what the diocese wants, such as building a new dorm for more students, instead of building a decent athletic complex.


The worst thing.... I would have to say some of the professors do not seem to really be there for their students, but there are a lot of great ones, especially once you get into classes that are speific to your major.


I would have to say that there isn't a whole lot of things that I think are bad at my school but I think that there is a little less focus on commuter students than on residents. This isn't a big dillema because there is still plenty of things that are offered to get transfer students involved, I just think that there is room for improvement in this area. But, I'm a commuter and a transfer student and I love it here!


It is a small campus and alot of people go home for the weekend, but you can always find something to do.