Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe all personalities should attend Saint Ambrose. Even though we may not be as big as Iowa State or other bigger colleges, Saint Ambrose has a group for everyone. At first, coming in it may not seem as easy to make a smooth transition into a socal group, the hardest part is actually gathering up enough confidence to come out of a bubble and interact with new faces. Only then would a student be on their way to finding their perfect group and make friends for life.


Anyone can attend this school, especially those who desire small class sizes and the availability of professors. My largest class size in the last two years was about thirty-two and all of my professors have learned my name. They have been available to answer questions, give career advice, and give recourse to find your own information.


If you are the type of student who is shy to speak up and raise your hand in class when something seems confusing, do not fret! Professors here at St. Ambrose are extremely friendly and charismatic. Thanks to the medium to small classroom sizes, the relationship between students and professors are much stronger than at other universities. They know your name and are genuinely happy to help when needed. They are also great at responding to emails to answer any questions asked. If you are seeking a great education and a beautiful campus, St. Ambrose is the place for you!


I think people that are motivated to succeed and like to be involved should attend St. Ambrose University. There are a lot of great ways to get involved for all types of interests and the liberal arts aspect of St. Ambrose helps prepare students for the work force. If you are the type of person who would really like to succeed, St. Ambrose has many tools that can help like mock interviews and a well-rounded education program. There are also a lot of fun activities provided by groups on campus to cut some of the stress of college.


Someone who likes a laid back feel. This school is easier for people to get comfortable with faster because as a on campus student you see the same people almost everyday and that helps the student to be able to make more friends and deepen their relationships with more people. This will make it easier for a student to feel comfortable with where they are living and inreturn effect their school work positively.


Anyone who is looking for a great education and a once in a lifetime experience should attend St. Ambrose University. It is a highly rated University and offers all types of extracuricular activities for incoming students. If you are a student who is looking to further educate yourself then you should attend St. Ambrose.


A person who is unsure what they want out of life. They would easily be able to recieve help to figure out what they would be good at. A person who likes to learn and respects the fact that learning is not something you pay for it's something you work for.


Any unique, ordinary, outgoing, shy, average, super smart person can attend or in other words anybody and everybody! St. Ambrose is known for its diversity and that is what makes it so awesome. I have so many friends and they are all different and that is so neat because now I know a little bit about the many different types of people in the world!


Someone driven and eager for success. It offers many masters programs, so grades and acheivements are very important at this school. The possibilities of job employment after graduation is excellent and programs are very competitive.


someone with drive to suceed that likes small personally based classes. no large lectures, most classes are under 25- 30 people. lots of teacher interaction. a good skool to learn at. but not party


Any kind., this school tailors to people from all walks of life.


Someone who knows the general area of study they would like to go into and wants the attention and feeling of a smaller school. St. Ambrose University offers smaller class sizes and one-on-one time with professors, while also allowing students to choose from a wide variety of classes. Campus life and social activities are also a great part of the student experience. Get ready to meet lots of great people and create your own personal experience on campus.


A person who is use to a smaller high school, will like St. Ambrose.


Ambrose is for you if you take your academic life seriously. Ambrose is for you if you want to make friends for life (professors included). Ambrose is for you if you want a home away from home.


If you are looking for a small school with teachers that are almost always available, this is the place for you. Also, during the weekend, people are either partying or home, so either one of those could fit your description. Lastly, if you're looking for a place where the main weekend activity is a football game with tailgating, this is NOT the place to be. Few other students attend athletic events.


Anyone who wants a school where you know your professors by name and recognize majority of the people in your classes.


Someone who is open to new things because this school supports whoever you want to be as long as it doesn't got to the extremes of harming others.