Saint Ambrose University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before attending Saint Ambrose University, I was actually very knowledgeable with all the different services and activites that this facility had to offer. Saint Ambrose does a fabulous job when giving tours and telling the incoming students about the different types of help they can recieve; not to mention even going as far as pointing out which building to go to and who to talk to. The only thing I wish I had been more smarter about was choosing a roommate. Other than that I was completely satisfied coming in and with what I knew.


Before attending Saint Ambrose University I would have wanted to know the importance of getting involved with the different groups on campus and the friendliness of everyone on campus. Also, the professors want their students to learn and succeed, and students should use this to their advantage by using their office hours in order to fully understand the material. Overall, I have found everyone on campus to be friendly, and I could not imagine going to school anywhere but here. It is my home away from home.


That some textbooks were not included in my tuition


I wish that I had known how many people there are at Ambrose who like to stay in. While going out and partying is popular, there is still a large number of people who like to stay in.


I wish I had known of more scholarships. Also I wished I had known of more housing options for single parents.


I wish I would have known how to make new friends, because prior to college, I went to the same school from K-12 and making new friends was not an issue. Also, I already knew everyone I went to school with before college. My graduating class was only 50; therefore, I wish I would have known what it would be like to be a part of a larger student body.


I wish I had known how to manage my time more wisely while competing in a versity sport and attending class. It was difficult to adjust to being on my own and being able to do what I wanted to do. I did do well my first year but if I had learned to manage my time, I could have done exceptionally well. Another thing I wished I had known was how the social life would be. This would give me some way of knowing what to expect when I got to college.


That I would have been able to attend years earlier through their nights and weekend excel program. The school staff prepares you well for what is n store. Little is left to question staff are quick to respond and easily available for further needs you may have. They are friendly and respectful at all times, ready to go the extra mile providing a great experience for you to grasp the knowledge needed for your major and plan ahead for the addition of future degrees or plan for graduate school. Tools are avail 24/7 on the internet to assist you.


I wish I had been told how early things on campus actually close. The cafeteria closes early as does the library and all school offices. Being a person who does most things late into the evening at times this is difficult. Also, there are many changes and they come quick. Remaining grounded and keeping a strong support system will make the transition easier. Friendships and relationships in general take more work but are beneficial to continued success. Staying on top of life will keep it from taking you over which you feel will happen easily with all the changes.


Find journal articles in the libary. I still to this day have a difficult time doing this yet the libarians are always very helpful. I also wish i knew how to better manage my time and deal with general change. I really wish they had a class here that would teach me that and then also how to relax a little. I think not managing my time is the number one stressor in my life.


That my financial aid wouldn't go up after my freshman year even if my GPA skyrocketed (as it did). If I had understood that early in high school, I might have actually tried to get a good GPA. Also, a better understanding of the available work study positions would have been helpful since I ended up finding a very good work study only after I had been there for a full year.


How much extra money the school could have given me but chose not to, while other students are getting extra help.


I wish I would of gotten to know the faculity of my major/minor better before I came here to school.


actual cost of living as a college student goes beyond just the fees they list


I wish I had known how small it would be and how challenging the classes would be.


I wish I had the chance to meet my roommate and get to know her before school. It was not a good situation and she moved.