Saint Anselm College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are often very smart, but do not work as hard as I do, and they usually love to drink.


My classmates at Saint Anselm College are extremely hard-working, motivated, humble and enthusiastic individuals with a common goal to maximize their intellectual abilities, to eventually be ethical leaders and informed citizens, who contribute to a more just community and world.


They are very enthusiastic about learning and always look happy.


they are not judgemental and very easy to talk to. if i need help or have questions i wouldnt feel akward asking.


This school has the most homogenous population I have ever seen. There are a handful of black football players, a smattering of Asians, and one or two Muslims. The rest are white, Catholic, relatively wealthy, and from New England. The majority come from private Catholic high schools. I've met more than one person who has never met a vegetarian before. There is not much of a LGBT community here. "Gay" gets used to describe negative things (this made an impression on me because where I'm from it is never used that way). That being said, people are very accepting of the 3 or 4 gay/lesbian students on campus. The kids here are really nice to each other, which is refreshing after the catty high school years.


Energenic, kind, helpful, laid back but also hands on and focused, and overall wonderful people.


Friendly, outgoing, fun!


My classmates are friendly people that will be life long friends


My classmates are upper middle class, caucasian, conservatives.


While I have met a lot of really great friends, it seems like the majority of my classmates are preppy, rich, Ugg boot and Northface-wearing, dumb partiers who got into this school because of their wealthy families and are happy to pull C's in many of their classes.


Friendly, helpful, studious, fun-loving


My classmates work hard for grades.


Don't come to Saint Anselm College. They are deceptive and trap students at the school, and hinder opportunity for graduate school acceptance with their "grade deflation" policy. The school believes it's superior to others and chooses to make it near impossible to achieve high academic success. The amount of tuition is not worth the education and low GPA.


welathy, private schoole kids, love drinking


My classmates are mostly white upper-middle/middle class students who love to learn.




We are all very dedicated to getting a GREAT education and getting a great job in able to contribute to society!