Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There really isn't a lot to do here on weekends if you're not into partying/drinking. The school has been making an effort to provide more alternatives, though. Free skate night is great; a ton of people go. Last time, they ran out of skates. Community service is another really big thing here. Spring Break Alternative (SBA) has students spend the week of spring break doing various community service projects at sites around the country, and it has a couple hundred participants. Jazz band and the choir seem pretty popular. Guest speakers get no attendence at all unless a professor offers extra credit for attending. St A's has a strict intervisitation policy. On weeknights, members of the opposite sex have to be out of the building by 11. On weekends it's 2 am. You have to sign into the building and leave an ID, and when it's time the RAs come and hunt you down. This is especially frustrating if you want to have visitors from out town. Where are they supposed to sleep? In their car? The dinig hall closes really early: 7 during the week and 6 on weekends. They do have the Coffee Shop, though, and that is open until midnight. The food is really, really good, and they have a nice selection of vegetarian options. The meal plan here is per item instead of per meal. I think you get roughly $2000 per semester.