Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is driven, who is proud to be who they are and will take pride in being an Anselmnian. The school can be challenging at times, and stressful but if someone were to decide to attend Saint Anselm they would have to be hard-working, dedicated and passionate. They should be open-minded and caring. Saint Anselm is a school that prides itself of service and helping others, whether it is being involved by volunteering or coming together as a student body and working together for a common goal.


A hard-working person who isn't afriad of recieving a C. You need to be ready to make choices between having a life and doing school work.


To be completely honest, I don't think that there is a specific type of student that fits the general category to be a member of the Saint A's community. At Saint A's, we take pride in the diversity we have at our school and the integration of many different types of people is what makes our school so special. Coming to Saint A's is a great way to discover your true self surrounded by people you'll be friends with for the rest of your adult life.


One who is open to new ideas and pursuit of a higher form of spiritual, intellectual and moral thinking.


Someone who is looking to have a good time, meeting life long friends, but is still focused on academics.


Someone who is highly motivated and wants to be given many opportunities to succesed. Saint Anselm College has given me more open doors in to working in the real world then I ever thought possible. If your a politics major it's a must school. Most people think they have to go to a school in DC, but Saint A's offers students jobs at the Preidential primary debates. Who else can say all of the candidates for president have been on there campus at the same time!


Someone who can make friends easily. Someone who enjoys the small school atmosphere. You will be seeing the same people everyday.


Any kind that wants a good liberal arts education


Being a Catholic definitely helps, but almost anyone can attend here.




someone that is ready for a lot of school work


white, career focused student


I think the type of person that should attend this school is a person that is very serious about their future and education even if they don't know what their major is. You have to work really hard to get good grades and to succeed. They should be open to new ideas and subjects to take. It is a liberal arts college and there are many different courses that you can take to see what interests you.


A person who is very smart and doesnt want much of a party life


Someone who is ready to work really hard.


A conservative catholic with strong values and morals.