Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not open to learning about different religious beliefs from their own. Saint Anselm College requires students to take a few courses involving the study of Catholicism, so students who plan on attending Saint Anselm College should be open to the idea of studying religion.


I would advise against anyone with a tendency toward extreme liberality to attend if they don't want to be challenged constantly, particularly those of alternative religion, race, or sexual orientation. This is not a good school for non-Catholic, non-religious students who wish to major in liberal fields like the humanities, or don't enjoy heavy drinking. Students who wish to major in creative fields had best look elsewhere, but driven conservative youths with excellent work ethic and a penchant for the sciences might well excel here, as will many theology and philosophy majors with a Catholic background.


If you are into art, stay away from Saint A's. Most of the art classes and art programs offered are really intro/beginner level (same with photography). If you want to study art, this college is not the one for you.


Saint Anselm College is a unique school. It is a small Benedictine Liberal Arts college that strictly obeys the bell curve system of grading. Saint Anselm College is a very challenging and competitive school, and pushes students to do their best. It is not a school for someone who does not have an open mind when it comes to thinking in a new way, nor is it a school for someone who wants a quick and to the point degree in their field.




Any one who does not like hard classes and the occasional heavy workload. If you just want to party and not go to class and do the work, then Saint Anselm is not for you. Even though people do party up here, there is a real focus on work and on classes


A person who is looking for a big campus with a lot of frat/sorority type things. A lot of people have trouble with the limited amounts of things to do on campus, but if you look for it you can always frind something to do.


You should not attend St. Anselm if you are big into the party scene.


Someone who can't handle a heavy work load with difficult grading. It's also a really small college, everyone knows everyone, it's just like high school, with a lot of drama.


Most of the people at Saint Anselm are rich and snobby. If that type of person bothers you then don't come here.


Anyone that doesn't like small schools. A small highschool is a lot different than a small college when you live on campus and spend time with the same people day in and out. People who like to party and socialize.


Lazy, non-hardworking people don't make it here.