Saint Anselm College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Although Saint Anselm College has recently made strides to diversify its student population, it continues to lack cultural variety. I found this to be frustrating for many students from different backgrounds and ethnicities because the lack of diversity created a barrier to fitting in. I think generating a more diverse student body at Saint Anselm would encourage innovation and allow students to consider perspectives much different from their own.


You do not always get the highest grades on exams because they strongly beleive that a C is average.


Make sure you go to class! If you miss too many you fail! Many friends of mine have failed out!


grading is very harsh and it seems impossible to do well at times because many grades are c's. pariotals seem a little rediculous since we are now adults we should be able to make our own decisions and not have certain hours we can visit with the opposite sex.


you work so hard to get good grades and you usually end up with all C's. there is a lot of grade deflation.


Grades are scaled downward to the schools own scaling


That the teachers grade so hard because they are only allowed to give out a certain amount of A's each semester.


The most frustrating thing about Saint Anselm is the amount of money it costs to attend. While Saint Anselm College is worth every penny, it is putting me in nearly $100,000 in debt. I have had to take out student loans to pay for this because my family does not have the money to pay for it. My parents are supportive of me and my education but cannot afford to pay for it. I will be paying off my loans for a very long time, but I know it will work out for the best.