Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


School is what you make it. However, my school is good when I get out and get active on campus.


Truly a home and family away from home.


My school is the best University.


Saint Augustine's College now a University a place where you transform, excell and lead for the next generation.


My school is an excellent place for higher learning and we also have great athletic programs.


My school St. Augustine College a wonderful college and I have learned so much attending this college. I am maturing as a young man and this is one of my greatest experience.


it is a very small school but alot of things to do off campus.


The best way to describe my school in one setence is that it never boring over at this institution.


My school is a place where there are many opportunities available for students to advance themselves.


Saint Augustine's College is family orientated, religiously affiliated, and academically encouraging.


The School that I go to is a wonderful historic college built in 1867. The college may has its ups and downs but it's still a great college and its a nice small size school. It's basically respected and the school shares its loves for the community and students.