Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

Describe the students at Saint Augustine’s University.


My classmates at Saint Augustine's College (University) are very friendly, funny, ambitious and knowledgeable. They travel from all across the United States and the Virigin Islands. The students at Saint Augustines are like family. If you find out that you are out of supplies we share among ourselves. We strive to uphold the mission of the university and to show that we are there at the school to learn. the student body at Saint Augustines is one in which relationships are developed to last a lifetime.


My classmates are very outgoing people. their so determine to succeed in what they're doing, they do the classwork and homework on time, take their studies serious. They are also very friendly people adn willing to help you with anything you don't understand. Some are very talented and like to share their talents with others. They are not afraid to ask questions when they don't understand an subject. They will also speak their mind if they don't agree with what's going on or an answer to an question. Overall they are amazing people and studious.


My classmates at Saint Augustine's College are goal-oriented, adventurous, outgoing, and strong-minded when it comes to expressing their feelings about their veiws, values and beliefs.


My classmates tend to be easy towork with...but like most class's there is that one person that isn't easy to work with at all.


My classmates at St. Augustine's College are eager to learn, focused, and extremely ambitious.


a learning place.


everyman for themselves


Majority of the students at Saint Augustines college are very optimistic.