Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Track and field.


Saint Augustine's University is best known for their graduation rate of African American students. Throughout time, Saint Augustine's University have been able to drive their students to achieve their career goals. This University has shown improvement by coming up from a college to a University. The students grades have increased exponentially and the Saint Augustine's University is expanding in every way. I am proud to be a Falcon because I dream of success.


My school is best known for our Track and Basketball teams


I would say my school is best known for the students school spirt. We aren't just proud to attend Saint Augustine's College but we are eager to show our school spirit every chance we can. Our school is very important to us simply because it has become our home throughout our years spent here.


My school is best known as a historically black coeducational college. It was founded in 1867 by freed slaves to better there self and others. Everything on the campus has a story to tell from the chapel to the classrooms.


Its an HBCU that had one of the first hospitals for blacks.


The School is best known for what happend in the past. the first hospital for African Americans was on the campus. The school is also known for the track team. Only because they bring in there own money and the school really cares about sports and the players. if you dont play a sport then you are really not that importnt to them .


My school is best known for our track and field team are National winners and we have an Olympic coach there. Also, it is known that it is very hard to be successful in the engineer math and science building.


Saint Augustine's College is best know for both the male and female basketball teams. Saint Augustine's College is a division II school. Also both teams made it to CI's last year.