Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

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What's unique about Saint Augustines is that the school spirit is awesome, and everyday is something new. Attending the main events of the basketball and football games visualizing the enthusatic students/fans supporting their peers.


Saint Augustine's University is a small, historically black college in Raleigh. There is no spitting image that compares to the colleges I applied for during my high school senior year. Saint Augustine's University has a barber shop, convenient stores and even an Cook-Out restaurant. I never notice that there are few fast food restaurants, a recreation center and a church near campus. Next time, when I visit a college/university the first and most important step is to find out the location, cost of tuition, academics, athletics and etc to understand the school's enviroment.


My school was the only school that was an HBCU that offered Forensic Science as a major.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other school are the class size. I love that I could get a one on one relationship with on teachers on campus. They are also avaliable most of the time in their office. I could go to my professor office to ask about different type of information about class, providing me with more in seen about the class, and a greater chance of learining. I feel like my campus is special mainly because of the professor that work at my school.


The location of my school is unique and also it is private. That is what separated it from most other schools. My school is definately a small university.


It's an HBCU and a lot of the buildings are named after successful African American.


The small class sizes and hands on learning was what was most unique about Saint Augustine's College compared to the other schools I considered.


small, but very close knit.