Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Saint Augustine’s University?


A lazy, unsuffiecient , and non social student shouldnt attend this college, because everyone interact with each other everyday and plan on having a good time and getting their work done at the same time.


I believe any kind of person can attend this school; I can't really say who shouldn't attend. Any school no matter if it's a two year college or four year university has it's problem or stuff that's not so great. Its all about what the person decideds to expect or not except or try and change it. I think it could be difficult for someone that is easliy flustrated because the staff can give you the run around sometimes.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who doesn't like going to a big school, and someone who can adjust to the to the different lifestyles around them. The person has to be willing to be interactive and work hard to get to where they want to be. They cannot be shy and must be outgoing and willing to have a student-professor relationship when it comes to their academics. I would reccomend someone who likes small crowds and small groups to attend my school.


A student should not come to Saint Augustine's College if they are lazy and are not outgoing. Saint Augustine's College has many students that are outgoing and involved in and out of the school's community. If you don't care about giving back to others and don't have the GPA don't bother showing up.


The type of person that's a party person and does really focus on his or her work. Also people who dont like to be around just one main race and or a HBCU.


The kind of person that should attent this school is a person that has trouble staying focused. I belive this school has small classes which means there is more teacher to student attention. This school is very personal everybody knows your name!


The type of person that shouldnt attend this school, is someone who is not willing to work hard, and put forth the effort in order to receive good grades.


If your the type of person that doesn't like a small campus, and intimate classroom setting then maybe Saint Augustine's College is not for you.


A person that is not independant. Attending this school you must possess an open-mind, and be tough skinned. It is setting you up for the real world. So you cannot be lazy, uninspired, and not outgoing. You must have a gold oriented mind set, and you must be focused in order to stay on task. If you don't have these neccesssary qualities then this institution. If you are judgemental, sterotypical, and overly opinionated then I would'nt reccommend this school. You cannot be easily distracted, nor easily manipulated, or you will get lost in the shuffle.


The kind of person who shouldn't intend for this school is a person with no self respect for that person and for other people. Ignorance is intolerant as well.