Saint Augustine’s University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The same reaction happens when I showed up to Saint Augustine's University . When I got out of my parent's car, I had goosebumps because going to a historically black college didn't surprised at all. The experience at Saint Augustine's University didn't provide alot of information about school. After my family unload all of my items from the car to my dorm, there were 3 rooms each so the chance of having both roommates were slim. My parents told me a few things about headed off to college as a freshmen, be yourself and have fun.


Before starting Saint Augustines I wish I would've known how to use my resources. I wish i would have been more open to meeting new people in the beginning of the year instead of waiting.


Before I came to this school, I wasnt very serious in my academic work, I use to live life without thinking about the next day. I was hanging with people that didnt care about themselves or nobody else. I wish I would of known that what you do in the past can affect your future. Now that I'm an senior in college i see life in an different perspective now, I want to better myself and make something out of my life and help students make the right choices so they can have brighter fututre. And to stay focused!


I wish that i knew my school was as high in tution as it is. My family is really struggling to pay for me at this school and it is hard. I did not know that this school would be as high as it is. I really need need help with my finiacial need for this school


i wish i had known how the president of the college was exploiting the school