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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Well, I have only really just started in my college studies; it is all brand new to me and exciting. I was homeschooled so I am used to a different environment than the schedules and deadlines that are prevalent in college. Deciding on what I might have done differently is tough, there was so much that I had to do to just get in the classroom up to this point. The FAFSA, the ACT, the SAT, filling out all those forms and applications, then the college forms and class decisions; it was nearly overwhelming. I was lucky in that my parents allowed me such independence during the homeschooling years, this gave me the abilities to organize myself and direct my actions accordingly. Thinking back now what I would have done differently is instead of being "miss independent" I would have sought out more information from persons in college who are near the end of their first or second year to discuss what things they did to make the transition easier. I would tell myself that part of being successful, of being an independent person, is knowing when to seek advice and that it is ok to need help...occasionally.

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