Saint Cloud State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


SCSU has an increadible atmostphere that allows students of all kinds to attend and be happy. If you're looking for a college that is all about your schooling and education then SCSU isn't the place to go.


St. Cloud is absolutely known as a teaching school, so anyone interested in math or science isn't well-suited for this school. I would also say someone who is more shy and not great at making new friends will feel out of place.


This school is extremely social, which I really enjoy. If a prospective student is simply looking for an education without meeting or talking to anyone, perhaps this school isn't the best because everyone is very social.


I think this is a good school for anyone. This school really does a good job at treating everyone equal and there is a lot of clubs and organizations for everyone. I think that people who don't like the cold or like to walk shouldn't attend this school because it gets cold here in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Also the campus is pretty big so there is a lot of walking to do.


Someone who has a very specialized field in mind. If people know what they want to do and know that they won't switch their major then this school probably isn't the place.


Someone who is racist and not open minded should not attend this school.


I believe that to attend a school you first have to like the city/town that you will be living in. I know a few people at my school now that don't like being here because of the town. They are used to one thing and it is a big culture shock for them. If you are a Twin Cities person don't come here because its completely different from the cities.


Someone that should not attend this school would be someone who does not to recieve an education that has the potential to further enhance his or her future career experience. The decision is up to an individual as to wheather or not to attend this university. If the individual thinks that they can do very well then there is no reason not to attend.


People who are not down to earth and judgemental should not attend this school. People who are against drinking probably shouldn't attend either, as St. Cloud is a college town that based around shopping, bars, and restaurants.


I believe St. Cloud is open to all kinds of students. It provides something for everyone.


This is a fairly large university with lots of programs including international study opportunites. So if you are looking for a small or very reliougous campus this may not be for you. Also the varsity teams may be hard to get in too. It is located in a cold climate and it snows in the winter, also the public transporation is not the greatest- so if these ar important you need to check it out and be sure ahead of time.


People who have a background being from a city or area similar might struggle. St. Cloud is somewhat sheltered and people are racist.


Someone from the Southern states, not used to cold. Not very racially diverse, for sure more caucasian people verses any other race


Students who want to be respected by facalty and don't want to be talked down to as if they aren't worth anything. Students who wanted to be treated like adults shoulsn't go to Post University either. If a student wants their degree to mean something should most definately keep away. If you want to learn what is SUPPOSED to be learned and not hear about your professor's personla problems as if the class is a theropy session should apply else where. Students who want to be proud of where they go to school should not apply.


A person who is not serious about their education should not attend St. Cloud State University. To me, SCSU takes pride in their education and teaching. I believe SCSU helps students discover their talents and who they want to be. People who are not serious about their education or not willing to take the next step in their lives should not attend this school.


Someone who should not attend this school is someone who isn't social, someone who likes to be by themselves, also someone who is very close minded.


SCSU is a college for anyone who doesn't mind the small town atmosphere.


A person who needs a lot of one on one time, many of the professors are not able to give that.


If you like the hussle and bussle of busy city life, If you the kind of person who wants dead sielence around your place of living. If you could care less about sports, and being a whole not an idividual.


Any person who is not willing to broaden their own prospective on life and enrich themselves in new cultures.


I don't think very diverse students should attend this school. Our school today is very diverse but doesnt seem to be as excepting I presumed it to be.


This college, as any other college, has high expectations. A person who lacks self motivation, and effort should not attend this college. People who lack motivation and effort tend to find the easy way through school by cheating or having others do their work. If a student is not willing to learn and do the work, he/she should attend elsewhere.


I believe that if a person isn't dedicated to making their education a priority, they shouldn't attend this university. There are quite a few people who go to this school who are here for no other reason that to have a good time and that is not only a waste of money but also a waste of the teachers' time and those of their classmates.


Someone who is very school-spirited, gets into sports and campus organizations because SCSU has a lot of that to offer! They also have numerous diverse programs and great professors! It's a good school, not too big where you feel like you're just a number but not to small either!


This school has something to offer everyone. I've seen GBLT, religious, and many other different groups around campus. No one is left out. There are many different ways to meet new people outside of your classes.


I think if a person is not dedicated to their school work and likes to go out and party more than study than you should probably not attend Saint Cloud State University. Here at Saint Cloud State University, academics come first in everything even sports. There is so many peopel out there to help you academically. So, another if you are not good with acedemics then SCSU is not for you.


Saint Cloud State University is a fairly large school and anyone looking for a small atmosphere should not consider SCSU due to its relatively large size. If they are the type of person looking for any easy A or eduaction Saint Cloud State is not for them because the professors are here to push students to their highest potential. Lastly, if they are the type of person wanting to attend school in a very large city then SCSU would be borderline because it is smaller than those type of Universities.


I think everyone should be able to attend this school but if I had to pick a type of person who shouldn’t I would say anyone who does not like snow or cold weather. From about November to March there’s snow on the ground and typically around 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit. That basically means it’s cold and snowy the whole time I am at college. So if I were a person who didn’t like snow or cold weather this would not be the school for me.


The type of person who shouldn’t attend this school is someone who does not feel a connection with it. When visiting St. Cloud or any university a student makes a connection to the school in some way, shape, or form. Two ways are through the campus itself and majors offered. If nothing attracts the student by the layout of the campus or closeness to off-campus areas, then the student would not consider attending. St. Cloud also does not offer all the majors other schools might or vice-versa. This is why a student shouldn’t attend this school.


Student that dont want to work or not do there home work.


I do not think that this question has an answer. St Cloud State is a good fit for people of any background.


If someone doesn't have the ability to self motivate and set a schedule for themselves and follow it, I wouldn't recommend them attending St. Cloud State University.


People that don't expect to work hard or don't have their priorities straight. I watch so many people come to St. Cloud and spend all their time socializing and watching them waste their education away. St. Cloud can be fun once you have the work done but many people think it is only fun. This college is for students who cant afford to go to the top schools and still strive for a good education.


The type of person who I believe shouldn't attend St. Cloud State University is a student who is not willing to put in the effort to go to class, read the books for the course, and do the assignments.


There is a place for everyone in this school, if you are a living, breathing person, you will fit in here. There are groups at this school that party, there are groups at this school that study. There is diversity and many different backgrounds. There is no reason to not consider this school. This school is very financially realistic and it will not make you worry about paying off your loans after college. I enjoy every minute of it. If you are worried about things to do on the weekend, we have that here.


Someone who is looking for a school that has a lot of school spirit. Also they wouldn't come here if they wanted a top notch education. This school is really low key so someone who wants something to be happening ever second of the day shouldn't come here.


I think that every type of person would feel welcome here. However if you are a student who thrives on being alone that student may need a smaller school.


Saint Could State has a place for pretty much everyone who has a desire to learn and grow as a person. The type of person who should not attend SCSU is someone who does not wish to learn, be a part of a community, try new things, accept others who are different, and is anti-social.


Someone who likes to go to bed early and want a quite enviroment


There isn't a person that shouldn't attend this school St. Cloud State University has something for every person. This is also the school where you can find yourself and what you may want to be. A person that may not want to attend this school may be someone who is not looking for climate change or someone who is already through college. However students wanting change would love this school.


I feel all people should attend this school.


For this school, as with any school, the type of person who shouldn't attend is somebody who does not care about his/her grades and education, and somebody who is not willing to take his/her grades seriously.


if you dislike diversity and lilke solitary enviroment, i advise you this school is not for you. in addition to that ,the school has zero tolerance to all alcohol and drug use.everything is set perfect and for your success, you are just required follow the way rules are set to. There is no discrimination of gender,religion,race,dissability and creed. if you have no problem with all what i ahve mentioned above then this is your school and welcome with open hands.


People who should not attend Saint Cloud State University are those who do not enjoy people coming up and introucing themselves or saying hello when walking by. It is a very friendly environment and most people will feel comfortable here, unless they aren't very social. There is always school activites and concerts or something to go to, so people active in the community would enjoy SCSU best. Also, people who enjoy the changing of seasons an believe they could handle the cold winter would like it here. In winter it gets pretty cold but is beautiful.


I think any person could attend this school.


any person is is welcome to this university. it is aimed towards a gaining a large diverse student population by the university itself. acadmically, students who may want to be challenged at the highest degree might need to look for a different university. As an engineering major, i'm constantly studying or working on class projects, but i often see peers in other majors with a lot more down time, and with much more to do. But overall, this university, i believe, aims to please everyone who considers it.


A person that doesn't drink or smoke. Isn't really accustomed to causican people and do not like 30 below weather.


Someone who does not want to meet alot of new people that are very diverse in race, religion, or additude.


I believe someone who isn't willing to make an effort at their academics should not go to this school. Getting a college education takes a lot of work and time and committment, and someone who is not willing to try does not fit in a college community.


This school offers accomadations for a lot of different people. They offer many different majors for many different career is a very rounded college in my opinion. There are many different groups you can join to be able to do what you want, there is living in dorms in which you meet so many people.