Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


St. Edward's Univeristy is known for teaching it's students to look differently at the world. They teach their students about many different cultures, encourage them to study abroad and experience another part of the world, and they show them controversies around the world and challenge them to try to find a solution to these problems or try to make a difference in the world.


We have a great education system, but most people know my school as "the school with the beautiful campus." The buildings are well planned out, and the layout of the campus is wonderful, all of which makes going to and coming from class pleasant. It's very inviting to lay on one of the green lawns and type a paper, or solve differential equations in the student lounge of the science building, or study for a world geography exam under Sorin Oak. The beautiful surrounding are what make my campus feel like home.


St. Edward's is best known for its rigourous education, Catholic beliefs, and service to the community. Many graduates go on to be successful business owners, professors, or community leaders.


St. Edward's is known for many things: it's beautiful campus, unique approach to academics, quirky teachers, variety of classes, and diverse student body. Of these things, I think that St. Edward's is best known for it's unique academic approach. Each class prioritizes hands-on activities and real world applications. Plus, the professors each add a personal touch, which guarantees that no two courses are alike.


Saint Edward's University is known for the great teachers in engish and writting. Saint Edward's University is one of the best schools that have a writting center were you can get more feedback on your work.


St. Edwards in my opinion is best known for its small classes and diversity. This allows the students to interact more with the professors in order to achieve the best grades possible. Also with taking smaller classes you have more personal attention which helps when you want to do internships and The school is also diverse so you feel comfortable knowing that with there being so many different types of people there is bound to be someone that has the same interests as you.


One of US Weekly's top 100 Universities. Great liberal arts school!


The Congregation of Holy Cross which founded St. Edward?s in 1885, is what best defines St. Edward's. St. Edward?s is unique because they live out the mission of ensuring critical thinking, global perspective, social justice and ethical practice every day. A famous quote used at St. Edward?s is, "The mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart,? which was said by the founder of the Holy Cross Congregation Fr. Basil Moreau. This gets to the core of what St. Edward?s is: an academic institution that puts its students first.


My school is small, private school. The teachers teach the students to think outside the norm and to do their own research to come up with their own answers. Students here are very artistic and express themselves through tattoos, clothings, piercings...etc. The teachers do everything they can to help a student succeed in the courses.


St. Edward's University is well known for its academics. Academics are very prestigious here.