Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

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The thing that makes St. Edwards University stand apart from the other schools in Austin is the history of the campus. We are the only team in Texas that can claim to have an undefeated football team, as we only played 2 games and then disbanded the football team! The campus is beautiful and the view at night of the city of Austin can't be beaten.


Compared to University of Texas at Austin, which I attended for a year, Saint Edward's University is a small university made specifically for students looking to get ahead and learn in a small group setting--just what I need. It has a beautiful campus, and all the professors are very intuitive and willing to help any student in need.


The class sizes are small so the professors are very helpful. Other students are very friendly. People tend to express themselves more at St. Edward's compared to bigger universities as it is a Liberal Arts college.


Saint Edwards teachers truly care about their students and are driven to help their students achieve academic excellence. There are many one on one teacher help sessions available at Saint Edwards. At this college I feel like an actual student instead of just a number. The faculty try to make this college experience the best experience for every single attending student.


I think when students hear words like Catholic school, and private school, they immediately decide that St. Edwards is not for them. I think the worst thing about my school is actually the idea that students have assuming that a religiously affliated University is less accepting or open. On the contrary i've found this to be a gross misconception. One of the things I love is the size, you're not just a number, you're a person. You are able to have a relationship with your professors, something uncommon elsewhere.


St. Edward's is small Catholic university that focuses on preparing students for the global community the world has turned into unlike most schools who aim to get their students through the doors as quickly as possible without teaching them real world scenarios.


Beautiful campus, wonderful, small class, and the staff is incredible!!


Well, most of the schools I considered were alternative education institutions (Evergreen, Lewis & Clark, Hampshire), this school was definitely the most conservative one I applied to, but it also offered the best financial aid.


It is a small school but in a very active location.


It's a clse-knit campus. Very friendly. And you can make many connections here.


Many of the other schools I applied to and considered attending were large. The social scene was also very oriented around greek-life. I like that St. Edward's focuses more on acadamics and service oriented clubs rather then stereo-typical greek-life commonly associated with a "party" atmosphere.


It's arcitecture is the most unique thing compared to other schools I considered. It has a huge castle that stands dead center of the whole campus making it the attraction of the entire school.