Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The parking is pretty bad and the permits are expensive. This is the only complaint I have had about this university. However, public transportation is a dollar a day, so it is still really easy to get to school, even if you have to take the bus.


It it not a sports-driven school at all; if you are someone who is really into sports or playing college football this is not the school. There are sports like soccer and vollyball but they are small and there isn't a huge sports-following in the campus life.


If I had a response to this question it would have to be the price. I knew going into this that private school would be expensive but it does create a bit of a financial hardship.


I think the worst thing about my university is the reputation it has for being less academically challenging than it's friendly neighbor U.T. Although bigger schools have different types of things to offer, and the University of Texas is obviously a very good school, St Edwards should not tbe considered any way a downgrade in the quality of education . I think over the years, it may have developed a reputation for itself being seen as a second choice school, which it certainly should not be.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of scool spirit. Because i attend a small private school, we do not have the funding to support a football team. There is usually a lot of school spirit focused around Texas football that we lack. However we do make up for it when it comes to supporting or basketball team. It was a very difficult adjustment from a small town high with a lot of spirit to school in a bigger city.




No rugby pitch


The worst thing about my school is how liberal it is. Every class turns into a discussion on why socialism is awesome and anyone who disagrees is frowned apon. I am a libertarian, definitely not a conservative, and I have felt unaccepted by people who have different views than me.


Most of the students at my school smoke cigarrettes. There are no designated smoking areas; people just walk to class outside and smoke on the pathways. I don't like breathing in the second hand smoke on my way to class, nor do I like the way it makes me smell.


Not academically challenging. Very few opportunities to take high level courses or electives. St. Ed's is also not too focused on helping their students succeed after school and get high paying jobs


The worst thing about my school is parking. Parking is terrible at St. Edwards, and it is extremely hard to find a spot. Most days, I park off-campus and then walk to school.


There is a lack of teachers in my major, so they tend to assign anyone (experienced or not) to the class that is missing the teacher or they just drop the course.


Most people come from incredibly wealthy backgrounds and are shockingly vapid.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is the lack of school spirit and the dean feeling on campus on the weekends.


there are not a lot of cute boys! And it's very expensive


Parking. Parking. Parking. There isn't enough. ever. also - affordable food for people who don't have meal plans. an $8 sandwich? that's crazy!


I think they should provide more on-campus housing for upperclassmen. It would make it a lot easier to paarticipaate in extracurricular activities and to have access to the library, labs and buildings. It would also make it little more affordaable to go to a privaate university.


It has a very intense and demanding curriculum.


I think the parking situation is the worst thing about my school. Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience thus far at St. Edward's and do not have much to complain about; however, I do feel that the parking situation does tend to cause problems with student's being late to class or having to walk long distances in bad weather.


Weekends here can be a little dead.


Constant construction. Growth. I came to this school because it was small, personal, and like a large family. With every new building going up I think we're losing our grasp on that....small=personal=good.


The cost, but mainly the fact that transfer students are not eligible for receiving scholarships from the school until they are currently taking classes, which really made committing to this school a bit harder for me.