Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A highly self-motivated student who has a clear plan for their post graduate years. They should also be prepared for an exceptional amount of writing as part of their degree plan.


I think anynone could attend this school because there is a niche for everyone. There are a great number of inernational students because Saint Edward's has a lot of partner schools abroad. While sports may not be a big part of campus life, there are fans out there that get together to watch games. All art, biology, international business, education, and psychology majors are welcome. Aside from academic interests, anyone who is outgoing, has good study habits, loves to learn about other cultures, adventerous, and open minded.


someone who is open and comfortable deal with and dicussing different types of people


The type of person that should attend St. Edward’s is a person open to diversity! Of course being based in Austin, the college is very liberal! The amount of different religions and people are amazing! If you are not into huge colleges and want something more personal, St. Edward’s is it. The campus is small enough that the walking distance is not that bad but big enough for those of us who love to jog. St. Edward’s also provides balance of calmness near neighborhoods but is close enough to venture to the excitement of downtown Austin.


Saint Edward's University (SEU) is the perfect place for open-minded individuals looking for a unique liberal arts education that provides multiple perspectives on a wide range of events, philosophies, and possibilities. Students who enjoy discovering coherence in the seemingly random phenomena of life will find that Saint Edward's fosters an environment of exploration and inquiry. Those with a passion for learning, questioning, examining, and developing independent thoughts and ideas are at home here. Ultimately, SEU is a place for students looking to acquire not merely a giant pile of facts, but the skill of learning itself.


The kind of person that likes to be a part of a close knit family. This school is very diverse in its interests and beliefs; everyone is friendly and willing help one another. They hold functions such as movies on the lawn, small concerts, and flag football among the dorms and apartments; this helps people to get to know new people and make friends.


Someone who learns well in a small classroom and benifits from class discussions.


A person who is willing to be outgoing to make friends, who enjoys small schools, and is okay with liberal people. Austin is awesome but you have to be a certain kind of person! All are welcome!


An open-minded, well-rounded, smart individual.


Someone who is dedicated to learning and artistic.


anyone who wants a great education with great sized classes and professors proficient in their fields


Someone who is looking for an education from a Libral Arts school. I wouldn't go to Steds if you wanted to be a doctor


a person who is open to new things and wants to get involved--the Student Life Office here is amazing


Students who are interested in small classes and personal attention from professors would fit in here easily. Students who are creative and involved in their communities, especially if they have a commitment to social justice.


A person who is open-minded and willing to learn about other view points and ideas. Also, the person needs to be committed to learning and studying on their own. Being able to plan, organize, and research by/for yourself is very important, whether it is just for a paper in class or deciding on your college and career paths.


Someone who likes smaller and more personal classroom settings as well as a demanding and quality education which will not permit slacking off.


Any one who wants a fun and thought provoking environment that likes to hang out with friends and get to know their professors