Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I would advise against attending St. Edwards University of you are not prepared to fight for the grades you obtain in the classes. Every major has a "weed-out" class that will test your resolve to obtain your degree. This school does not allow you to waltz through classes and graduate, you will have to go against excellent teachers who will push you to your limits.


There are very few people that shouldn't attend St. Edwards. This school focuses on global understanding and a understanding of human rights. They tie this focus into everything we do here. This global perspective appeals to people from all over the world, with different cultrual, ethical, or spiritual backgrounds. With this in mind, I think that St. Edward's University could be a great place for just about anyone. However, since it is a private college, the issue of tution is considerably greater than that of a public school. This could be a draw back to some students.


Someone who is not an advocate for social justice should not go to St. Edward's.


Someone who does not want to stand out. All of my professors have known my name by the second week of me being in their class, and someone who would want to sit in the back row and not be involved would feel uncomfortable. The classes are centered around real life situations such as presenting in groups and being put in the spot, so if you just want to be a face in the croud, St. Edward's is not the place for you.


If you are looking for a school where you will see different faces every single day, St. Edward's is not the place for you. It is a small community where you will see plenty of familiar faces.


I can honeslty say that this Univeristy is very diverse. There are opportunities and clubs for everyone to join to meet their specific needs. Although the University i attend is a private Catholic institution, the majority of students are not Catholic. It is a very open environment in a very liberal city full of excitement. There is literally something to appeal to everyone on campus from a Harry Potter class, to a focus on religions around the world.


The kind of person that should not attend Saint Edward's University is someone who is not willing to learn new things and things that are differnet.


You should not attend this school if you are unable to be accepting of others who have different lifestyles and opinions than you do. There is a large amount of diversity at my school, so it is important that you be open to new things. You shouldn't attend this school either if you are the type of student who expects to coast by academically or spend the majority of your time partying.


Someone who is more interested in partying and will not pay attention to their homework.


Liberal Open-minded people.


Those who are not willing to devote their time and effort into bettering themselves should not attend this university.


Middle-class students who would not qualify for financial aid or scholarship/rely on student loans. Conservative students seem to be rare.


People who are pre-med, pre-law, or any practice driven profession


Those that want to party all the time, those that want to sail through college easily.


People who are use to having a great mass of student body around and very into college sports.


People who are not open minded individuals should not attend this university. This university encourages people to think out of the box, and experience making a difference to the world. People who cannot accept all types of people should not attend, the student body is culturally and physically diverse.


Those who want to blend in to their surroundings should attend a bigger school. Faculty here have direct involvement with student achievement and student peers are friendly and hospitable.


The kind of person just looking just for an education on paper. Someone who just wants to get in and out. Someone who is not interested in getting to know people. Someone who is not interested in long lasting relationship.


A person who is afraid to broaden their horizons, a person who expects St. Edward's to be like other christian universities that refuse to teach things like evolution, and cater to a specific concervative clientle. Really socio-economic background doesn't make too big a difference in the grand scheme of things. Really the only people I could think who wouldn't want to attend the school would be the intolerant.