Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Jacque, Please listen to mom and apply for scholarships while you still have the resources to do so. You have no idea how hard you are going to have to work with only the grocery store income to live off of while also paying tuition. You will do it and succeed, but trust me. You will have a huge burden lifted off your shoulders if you just apply for scholarships now. You have done such a good job trying to make good grades all through high school while also helping mom with your brothers and sister. If only you knew how hard it is for mom to make ends meet while take you all to school, pay for all of your band fees, sports fees all while needing to pay rent, buy clothes and food for you all. You will see how valuable the little things in life are and how hard it is to pay for gas to get to school while debating whether or not you can afford groceries one week. You will succeed with all of your hard work and determination, so don’t give up. Your future self is very proud of you. Love, Jacque


I need to provide backstory for what follows; throughout high school and college I was overweight. I struggled to excel in school as a result of having poor eating and stress habits. In 2011 I began addressing my lifelong weight issue by signing up for a gym membership and hiring a great personal trainer. I also switched careers and moved into the IT industry. Over the last 3 years I have lost 120 pounds, wiped out over $90,000 in student loan and other debt, and I fell in love with information analysis. The one thing I wish I could go back and tell myself as a high school senior would be to develop a game plan to handle stress and find a way to lose the weight faster. My time in college would have been better if I has done so.


I would tell my former self to go out and make friends at least twice a week. Making friends was the most difficult part for me during my first year of college, because I was nervous to go out. All college students are like this, and it's okay! Friends in college are friends for life. In high school, I imagined that college would be full of party-goers, and do not get me wrong, it is! However, it is absolutely fine if you do not participate in such adventures. I felt the pressure, and I now understand that friends will love you no matter how you choose to spend your weekends. Go swimming, go bowling! Do something sober, and your friends will join you just the same.


Be prepared to be the only person who will hold you accountable. Your professors don't care if you sleep in and miss a class, nor do they care that you have the chance to spend the majority of your day idly engaging in fun or leisurely activities. You are the only person responsible for your success, and if you choose to take the easy route, you'll only hamstring yourself in the future. Understand that simply because you can play video games all day doesn't mean it's acceptable to do so. Focus on your studies, prepare for exams, and don't expect to coast through school as you did in High School. The game has changed, and you'll have to rise to meet the challenge or you'll be lost in the herd.


The transition between high school and college was much more difficult than I ever could have imagined. I ambitiously signed up for 18 credit hours my freshman year, had a work study job on campus, and joined any student organization that would let me in. I stretched myself so thin, I lost myself. I became depressed and I missed a lot of class and work because of it. If I could go back and give myself advice as a high school senior, it would be this: Do not overwork yourself. Your expectations for yourself are too high. There’s nothing wrong with being "good" despite how badly you want to be "great". Mom and Dad love you and will support anything you do. They are your motivation. Do not ever forget that. Study often and study well. Finish all of your assignments at least three days before they are due. Go to bed early and wake up early. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Most importantly, stop feeling guilty every time you need to relax and always remember to love yourself. If you do not love yourself, you will never truly succeed.


I would tell myself to take as many college level classes as possible. I took five courses that granted me college credit in high school. I wish I would have taken more to save money and so that I would have time for more of the classes that I truely enjoy and that encourage me to learn more. I would also tell myself to study as hard as I possibly could, because the grades in college aren't as easy as the ones in high school.


If I could talk to my High School Senior self, I don't think I would have him change a thing. Though I have changed my major and changed my school, the experiences that I've had and the people I've met are not something I would change. I would allow high school Taylor to continue on his marry little way because I know that what he would experience would change him, mold him, and give him the experience necessary to make educated decisions about his professional life and what to do when he hits a roadblock. I am confident in my path now, and wouldn't want anything to change; so why would i meddle with it? Though I probably would tell him to not wreck on his motorcycle!


If I could go back to myself as a senior in high school I would tell my self to move onto campus at the start of the year, instead of waiting till the second semester. I would explain that even though the cost of school would go up tremendously, I would fit in more with the people around me making the sense of loneliness vanish, It would lower the stress I got from having so many classes one after the other. I would have more time to do homework, and procrastination would almost vanish, there would always be time to do my work at some point in the day. I wouldn't have to get up at 6 a.m. everyday to get to class, I could get up at a time that was closer to my class times. I wouldn't have to try to find a place to be between classes, as I would always have the dorm. College life, at least the first year, is meant to be spent in dorm. It brings you closer together with your class and makes you feel like you belong.


"Alejandra you can do anything, don't be discouraged by failure it will only reassure you of what it is you really want." A sheltered life transitioning to conducting everything yourself is a drastic change. Educating yourself about everything your local college has to offer is essential, with this knowledge you will be able to enter the institution with a clear understanding of what it is you want and how to achieve it. Academic advisors are the greatest tool provided to you, an appointment is necessary, through there help you will be able to make a structured plan for each semester. Having a plan will help eliminate time wasted and accelerate your path towards graduation. Deadlines tend to arrive fast, you must stay organized and on top of all deadlines, if the opportunity to complete something long before the deadline you must take advantage. Lastly, you must prioritize, educating yourself is the important thing you can do, it might become overwhelming and stressful yet you must always choose school, there is no regret like that of not having tried. Education is for your future.


Chill the fudge out, everything will be ok. In fact, better than ok. You will feel more free than you ever have before. Friends will not be instant though, and the first week or so will become depressing. However, nothing lasts forever, and friendships will soon come at you from everywhere. Privacy also atill exists even with a roommate; they are in your same situation, everyone is, and everyone has no idea what to do or where the ARTS building is. My biggest piece of advice is to be chill and not to stress out. Do as much artwork as possible before moving out (because you will have NO free time for drawing), and yes, season 3 was awesome.


Dear High School Hannah, As you approach this new and exciting time in your life, it is easy to get wrapped up in things like SAT scores, GPA's, class ranks, tests, and college applications. You have a hectic and stressful time ahead. However, this is the las year that you will be spending at home with your friends and family. When you are away and don't get to see them everyday, you will miss the little things like making apple cider and decorating the Christmas Tree, or laughing with the friends that you have had for years. Now I'm not saying you are never going to see them again, but you should appreciate them whil you are there and have them close. All of the things leading up to college are important, but the people that you love are even more important. They will be your support system for the rest of your life. When you feel down and just need someone to talk with, they will be there. Cherish this support and love, because it is special. So as you sit down to study for that SAT, make sure you save time for everyone around you.


Kathy, colloege is not a joyride you must prepare yourself for the ultimate test in life "success" success only comes after hard work and determination. Everyone is going to tell you that it's ok to slack off your first year, guess what that's not true you must work hard to complete your goals nothing is handed to you. You must grasp life and never let it go your going to need to be organized, determined and open minded remember the key to do things right is to seek help when you need it. Life will always have obsticles; the thing to remember is not to give up once you have given up it's hard to get back up and do things right. when you rush you tend to mess up take one day at a time and sooner a later you goals will be completed and sucess happen.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would tell myself not to worry so much about financial issues. The only way I could attend college was with the aid of scholarships, loans and grants. I do not receive aid from my family. I started at community college, but I wish I had known the financial aid opportunities at universities. I definately think that attending the community college was the best decision financially, but I do feel as though I may have missed out on some of the important experiences that I now get at Saint Edward's--such as the student organizations and honor societies.


do everything the same, but join more clubs


Id do like Brad Paisley, 'and if i could write a letter id send it to myself at 18, I'd prove it's me by saying look in your closet There's scholarship letters no one would know about. Then I'd say I know it's tough When you study for months, I know you wanted an "A" and it is't fair But its a dare. You got so much going for you, going right But I know at, 18, it's hard to see next week. You'll make it through and you'll see You'll write this letter to me. You should thank everyone who spent so much time. they see diamond underneath and polishing you 'till you shine.Tonight's the bonfire rally and you're invited but you're staying home Because if you fail thats bad. But you'll get an "A" And you'll write this letter to me. You got so much ahead, you'll make new friends. I'll see you when you graduate. Study more, Take a breath so you won't worry. I'd say have a faith and you'll write a letter to me.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, now that I have some experience of college life, I would give myself five pieces of advice. First, those dreams of a bigger and better life… well after high school you will definitely be on the track. There is way more beyond our tiny hometown! Secondly, the relationship between our mom and us will get better. Mom means well and has a good heart. I know her over protectiveness is a bit much, but she is really afraid of seeing us go off away from home. Third, roommates are temporary, do not heavily read into her different habits (like not cleaning her side of the room or how she loves to keep the room at 68 degrees). Fourth, be sure to be assertive and state your ground! You are woman! Let them hear your roar! Five, leaving high school friends to a new chapter is not that bad. After you start college, you will see who your real friends are. The ones that keep in touch and go out their way to hang out without you, those are true friends.


If I could go back in time, sit myself down and proceed to have a heart to heart with my former self my message would be simple. I would tell the former me, that within the next year I will grow enormously as a person. So many changes will happen but as I stay grounded and keep an open mind, I will not fail. Stay true to yourself, stay grounded, stay open, stay possitive. With that I can never go wrong.


The best advice I could give my highschool self would be to be more confident in the area of study I wished to persue. While that uncertainty led me to persue more challenging and exciting goals in the long run, I have seen too many peers who started their college life with no direction and ended up either transfering or quiting. In the end they built up a few credits but wasted a lot of time and money. No one has enough of either of those things to waste on uncertainties.


In high school, I was surrounded by other students who seemed much more wealthy than my family. Not to say that my mother and I are poor but we definitely did not have as much financial leeway as the other families in my high school. I let this get to me and woud often ask my mom for money so I could buy the latests clothes, shoes, purses, etc. In high school, I thought this kind of stuff was important. Coming to college and being exposed to other types of people has showed me that money should not have a say in what kind of person you are. I have become much more appreciative of the value of a dollar. I would tell myself, as a high school senior, that there are other things in life that are much more important than fitting in. It is much more important and satisfying to surround yourself with people who like you for who you really are, your personality. I'm a much happier person now than I was in high school because I chose to focus on other things besides material goods.


Dear past self, I am writing to you today to give you some sound advice about the upcoming choices you are about to make. I made some poor choices during this time and it led me down a path that I wish I could reverse. First off, I know you think that music is all there is in the world but you would do well to look into your other passions, computers perhaps. I also know that the idea of going back to school right now seems hard but trust me, it’s for the best. In my relative past, I was given some advice that gave me the strength to do what I am now doing and would like to share it with you now. Sometimes in life you just have to do what needs doing whether you want to or not. Once you accept this fact your road will become clear. Again I know that it may be hard to accept this at 18 years old but I got myself into this mess by not looking far enough ahead and I would rather you not do that too. Sincerely, Your future self


Becca Johnson, you better take advantage of every opportunity you get regarding college scholarships and bettering yourself! You know you are smart and you know you are capable of doing everything you've ever dreamed. Do not ever deny yourself the opportunity to further your knowledge, even if it isn't what your "friends" are doing. I know you've wanted to be a senior forever, so you could be on top... but realize now that there is more than being the oldest, the best. There is a lifelong experinece ahead of you and you need to sieze it, Becca. Take advantage now before you lose countless opportunities. I know you belive in yourself, now prove it to the world that you are beyond awesomeness.


First of all, don't slack up. Freshman years may be a blast, and you may pull your GPA up to a 3.9, but you will be a lot less stressed if you would just focus on school a little more early on. Don't think about what others think about you, despite that being a cliche. You're going to wear way too much eyeliner in tenth grade, but I promise people think you're a lot prettier with no make up on. Keep up the good work with not doing drugs or drinking, you'll come to appreciate it. Some things involve getting out of your comfort zone, like volunteering or schoolwork, but with drugs, alcohol, and more importantly boys, don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. You may feel pretty alone now, but come graduation, you will have made several friends, and some enemies, but you will have several people that will stay by your side for the rest fo your life. Choose carefully. Besides that, love your mother, because she will be in and out of the hospital your junior and senior years, and you'll nearly lose her. Be good!


As a high school senior, I would plan to talk with my family on a regular basis on what schools I am interested in and I would explore scholarship opportunities early on in my senior year. I think it is important to have a dialgoue with your parents because then it helps you figure out your values and also it help you understand what your parents expectations.


If i could go back in time there would be many things i would do different, but most things i would keep the same. One thing i would do different would be to take more college classes before actually going to college. Getting those required classes out of the way early is great, and i wish i would have gotten more out of the way. Another thing i would say is get a job, and actually save your money. I worked the summer before college and all through my freshman year so money wasnt something i was always worried about, but for some of my friends it was. So manage your money well. Dont let anyone make decisions for you when it comes to college. You are the one going, so make sure everyhting is what you want not what your best friend or parents want, the experience will be better that way. Find as many scholarships as possible! And lastly dont let the college experience mess up your future, make sure you balance your free time and your school work. You are there to learn, so make sure that is your number one priority. Most important, Have fun!


You are the sole authority on what you are capable of. You decide what you can handle, what is too hard, what is worth the effort. No one can tall you that it's time to quit when the money runs out or when life takes an unexpected turn. Don't be so focused on getting people to respect you that you fail to earn their respect. Don't pursue other people's dreams. There is no magic amount of success that will make you happier than learning something that interests you. And never for a moment think that the entire experience of college is about what happens in the classroom. College is a four year training program that sets up the board you'll be playing on for the rest of your life. Remember to separate grades from success. Having a 4.0 doesn't mean you're doing it right, and having a 3.0 doesn't mean you're doing it wrong. If you're involved in the community, interested in the classroom, and inspired by the life you've chosen, that's what means you're doing it right.


Though the first two months of school made me feel disoriented and wary, I can proudly say that college life has been grand. I have learned that separation from my mother is not as bad as it seemed. I am close to both of my parents but I have always been more attached with her, due to being the sole female in a trio of brothers. Whether I would be at work or school I always made the effort to talk with her, but college has made this quite diffcult due to conflicting schedules and homework. The phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" has truly defined my college experience. Not only do I get the opportunity to fulfill my parent's wishes, but I am also able to further my education in one of the best schools in the U.S! It has been extremely valuable to attend a school that my parents and I consider an excellent vessel for my secondary education. Attending St. Edward's has been one of the greatest milestones that I have encountered- I am accomplishing goals that I never deemed possible and that carries more value than I could ever hope for.


As of now, the essence of my college experience has been a focus on the importance of true education in our society and in my life. Our society successfully functions when individuals have been shaped and influenced by their college experience. So far in my college career, I have begun to truly understand who I'am and what I'am called to do. My college experience has aided in my self discovery because through it I encountered the means by which I learn and understand. Through the true education offered by the faculty as well as the life I shared with other students, I began to become molded into a well-rounded individual because I was given the opportunity to mature academically, polticially, socially, and morally. I complete my well-roundedness with morality because that is essential to true education. Anyone can be intelligent but it takes a great deal of strength and understanding to possess character. This is what has been so valuable to me. I believe that so far through my college experience, I have begun to practice and develop such an education. A true education that will help bring creative and postive change to our world.


From my college experience thus far I have learned many new things about myself and the world around me. This school has been valuable to attend, for I have learned how to work harder than every to achieve academic and self excellence. Saint Edwards is an amazing school full of teachers who care and from this experience I have learned how to push through the hard times and at the end of the day hard work pays off. I have also learned that there is always people in the world who actually care and are available to help me. College so far has been the best experience in my life, for not only have I learned many new things, but I have also met many people who have influenced me and showed me new things.


I come from a low income, traditional, Hispanic family and community. I'm the first to attend college and I have definitely learned things about others and myself. Not only have I learned a lot that would contribute greatly to knowledge I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life, but I also established a greater appreciation for the little things in life. My college experience has shown me that everyone is different and unique; a characteristic we should learn to embrace. I realized that after attending my school, I am slowly revealing qualities within myself that I was never really aware of. I no longer take things for granted, and I have molded myself to be an example to those in my family and community that education beyond high school is possible. My education is a huge value in itself; and although the cost of my it has been great, I cannot and will not quit until I reach graduation. Even then, I plan to continue- above and beyond.


As a nursing major in a community college, I've had several valuable experiences. When completing my prerequisites to my nursing classes, I encounted various students from different backrounds and with different motivations. When I reached my nursing classes I found that I was younger than most students! Looking past age differences, I found that we have the same motivations and desires. Along with that, I found we have different experiences. My fellow students helped me find ways to communicate with teachers and other students. As I continue with my education, commuication is getting more important. Community College taught me that diversity isn't always exciting, until you make something of it.


Thus far my college experience has been invaluable to me. It's given me the opportunity to seek independence that I've scarcely been allowed. It's faciliated my growth into an adult, and one I'm very proud of being. So far college has opened my eyes to new people and new places. I've been able to harbor long term friendships with other students, and professors. I think the connections to the community is one I won't take for granted. Not only is attending St. Edwards been a good transition from being an teenager to being a young adult, it's continued to stimulate me intellectually. My opinions on life, and the world around me are constantly changing, constantly being challenged by new information. I feel academically, the atmosphere of my university is conducive to learning. Everywhere, in my classes, by my peers, i'm being exposed to new information and it's helping define who I will become.


During my time thus far at St. Edward's University in Austin, I have learned a number of valuable skills that have enabled me not only to succeed academically, but to succeed as a caring and contributing member of society as well. I have not only gotten the opportunity to learn from wonderful professors, but also the chance to really explore my interests outside of the classroom, as well as meet people that will most likely be friends for life. I feel very strongly that my college experience so far has been something that everyone should get a chance to benefit from at some point in their lives, as it has been an overall learning experience both in the academic as well as personal realm. Perhaps the latter has been most valuable in my attendance at St. Edward's, because it has helped me to grow into the person I am today, along with setting a shining example of the success that is to come if only I put in the work to get there.


I have gotten out a deeper look into the endless possibilities provided by this Univeristy. I have gotten tons of help regarding everything I have any confusion on. I have learned to cherish many values in our daily world and that I can make an impact on our world if I wish to. I cherish the University as a whole and would recommend this University for generations to come.


Thus far I have learned about the real world from my experience. My freshman year I had to take a seminar class. I chose to take political controversies. Since I'm from a small town, I knew really next to nothing about politics. Thanks to St. Edward's I have become more intelligent when it comes to discussing politics. This has even helped me land an internship with the Texas Assocation of Reginal Councils. I've also decided to become a judge once I graudate and have began double majoring in psychology and criminology.


My college experience is much more appreciated now than ten years ago when I began. I completed my associates with a 3.05 GPA but could not afford to transfer to a university, so I enlisted in the military. Thanks to the GI Bill, I am able to afford to finance my education. My cummulative GPA at this school is now a 4.0 and held any classmate succeed as much as I want to succeed. I realized the value of an education early, after trying to earn money for college by working. My sister only has a high school education but I had my associates. We did the same job but our employer was unwilling to pay me adequately for my additional education. Returning to school has taught me that I succeed at anything in life if I am willing to work hard enough. I have never earned straight A's at anytime in my life but I have achieved it now for the last two semester while also balancing a toddler, husband, and house.


Though I have only experienced one year of college, I have already gotten a lot out of my experience. College has forced me to step outside the box and take chances. It has shown me that no matter what you do, you need to do the best you possibly can. Effort is everything. If you do not put forth full effort, you will not get the results you want. College has shaped me into the person I have known I was always meant to be. It opens so many doors that will eventually help me with my future.


I have learned to trust myself. Above everything that you may learn, you must learn this or you will not make it.


My college experience has been very usefull to me. It has showed me how to be professional and successful. Its showed me how to work with people and connect with them. How to understand what they want and how to make them happy. Its been very valuable or me to attend because its showed me how to work with people and thats very important in almost every career there is. I will never regret my college experience for it has showed me how to be a better person to other people and also to make them happy.


I have learned many beneficial things thus far in my college experience. I have assumed many more responisibilities from now living on my own. I have learned how to discipline myself to do homework and meet deadlines on time. I have learned to be more punctual in all aspects of life, mainly to my classes. I have met many new friends who have helped to open up my eyes to new perspectives on life. I have learned many valuable lessons from them and from professors as well. I have learned to be more motivated and I have learned how important it is to obtain a college degree. Although college is very expensive, it has proven to me that in the end it will all be worth the money and hard work put into it and will then lead me to have a sucessful future.


Dear soon-to-be-high-school-graduate Machella, I know you?re excited about the next four years. Believe me, there is a lot to look forward to: new friends, new professors, and more papers than you?ve ever written in your life. So, I want to give you some advice: ?Remember to bring a sheet set for the plastic dorm mattress. ?Don?t forget to call mom twice a day, lest she assume that you've been kidnapped while on campus. ?Remember to call those high school buddies of yours: you may be thousands of miles apart, but you'll always be friends. ?Don?t be shy! Meeting new people is an amazing experience. Also, don?t be afraid to talk to your professors. They are fountains of knowledge about the campus. ?Take advantage of the campus services (counselors, academic advisors, and peer tutoring services). They are all incredibly helpful and approachable. ?Don?t procrastinate. It will be the bane of your existence. ?Most of all, don?t forget that you are on the top bunk of the dorm bed. Rolling off and freefalling for 6 feet can cause considerable damage. Sincerely, Sophomore-at-Saint-Edward?s-University Machella


Whatever you do, do not let the decision of where you will be attending college be made by anyone but you. This could potentially be one of greatest decisions you ever make, so follow your heart. You best friend will still be your best friend even if you do not attend the same school and there are always more people out there waiting to be your friend. Resist the urge to go home every weekend because you will be missing out on what college is all about. Embrace the freedom you have been given but do not let that freedom allow you to loose track of who you are. Know and understand that you are on your own so the decisons that you make, good or bad, are a reflection of the person you are and the person you strive to become. Have a good time, just don't go crazy. College is after all about getting an education!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as sa high school senior. I would tell my self to do many things. I would tell my self to prepare early. Look for potential colleges your junior or senior year. I would also tell myself that it is very important to do well in high school because this opens the door to getting into the school that you want and getting help paying the expensive costs along the way. I would tell my self to research particular programs that are in my field of interest and to compare the possible career paths theses programs could take me after I received my degree. I would tell myself to be prepared to study hard and work towards doing the best that I could in my scholastics, because other oppertunities wouuld arise from scholarships to internships that help promote the growth of a student throughtout the college experince. Lastly, I would tell myself to net work. Meet and stay in constant contact with professors because it will make you stand out and get where you eventually want to be.


I would tell myself to apply to college the summer before my senior year. I would tell myself to do a little more community service inorder to put that in my resume. I would also tell myself not to worry too much.


If I were given the chance to go back to my senior year and talk to myself I would tell myself to be better prepared. By saying better prepared I mean that to save more money because college life is not cheap. I would also tell myself to pay a lot more attention in class because although I might have taken four years of writing in college it is not the same things. A lot more is expected when writing papers and when taking tests. College professors also do not care if you attend their class but if you want to pass your tests it is best you attend all your classes even if you have a headache. Another very important advice I would say to myself would be to enjoy the time you have with your family because when starting college you will not have that much time to talk to them much less seee them because you are five hours away. So it would be best to be prepared mentally about being far away from home for a year.


If given the opportunity to talk to myself when I was back in high school, I would advice myself to focus more on school and my education. When I was in high school I was more focus on enjoy my time with my friend. As I look back now I wish that I could encourage myself to adapt better study habits and to show more of an interest in school because I see now that I had the potential to do so much better. Now that I talk to some of my friend from my school who where top in my graduating class and they ask me for help revising their essay and attempt comprehend material. I just cant help but think to myself that back in high school I had the potential to do great but I had no motivation. I guess I would tell my self to focus more on what truly important my education, to study more, not let myself anyone else tell me what my potential is and to not give up back, when people told me I was going to fail, but instead actual try hard do more than just the bare minimum


The habits that you form in high school will for the most part determine the habits you will have in college. Develop and form these study habits, time management skills, etc. early on. By the time you get to college you will have something that works just for you. You only get one shot. The responsibility you will have in college is taken to a much greater level than in high school. Start preparing yourself now by making mature decisions. You will have to balance your social life with school. It will be hard to turn down a night with friends in exchange for burying your nose in books. Always remember that it will be worth it in the end. If you spend the crucial time you have in college prioritizing your life and what is important, you lose time and money that you will never get back. An education is one of the greatest investments that you will ever make in life. When opportunity arises take it! Join clubs and meet new people-especially your first year. Remember that college is a commitment. It opens a new world of expectations, possibilities, and takes you even closer to your dreams!


If I could back to my senior year in high school I would talk to myself knowing that writting is what I need work on and listen to all the teacher. I would say that the transition of high school to college is very hard if you have not taken any college classes in high school. The one big advice I have for myself is that studying is the best thing you can do to help your tansition and it is your best friend.


I know this may sound redundant, but don't procrastinate on anything! Apply for colleges as early as possible, be thinking about what you enjoy so that you may choose a major, and study as much as you can to prevent a high GPA from slipping. I know from experiance that just one D, amongst all my other A's and B's, brought my GPA down to a 3.2. I've been struggling to bring it up ever since. Also since I decided to change my major late into the semester, it became harder to change it and I ended up stuck with my old major. So my main advice is don't procratinate and study hard because you want college to be as fun and easy as possible without all these other roadblocks.


Study a bit harder but enjoy every part of it.


Start working on your procrasintation now!