Saint Edward’s University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known a little more about my degree program. I transferred as a junior, so I have a lot to catch up on before graduation.


I love this college and I felt fully prepared and found a lot of information on Saint Edwards thanks to emails, flyers, orienation, and their website.


I wish I would have known exactly how much a private education costs. They don't tell you how much money you can obtain to help pay for school, so I wish the exact cost and burden of coming to this school was disclosed to me.


Honestly, I feel like I came to this school quite prepared, so it is all dependent upon the individual. However, there is something for everyone here, in my opinion.


I wish I would have known sooner about the oppurtunities provided by the univeristy. I never really heard of the Univeristy until I had first hand experience when I visited a friend who came to Saint Edwards Univeristy.


Actually there really is nothing. I give tours of my campus to prospective students 3 to 4 times a week. I know a lot about the school but in my honest opinion there really is nothing that you cannot find on our website that is not told during tours.


I wish I would have known that high school grades and tests are very important to colleges when applying to them. I wish I had known about scholarship oppertunities before starting college and not taking out the many loans that I have had to in my attempt to pay for my degree.


I wish I would have known to get more involved in campus activities. I feel like my experiences would have been richer, but I didn't think then that it was as necessary as I think it is now.


That instead of dorms we live in Residence Halls. Although the atmosphere at this university is very professional, i feel that not having a more relaxed dorm living area where students are giving more freedom, takes away from the overalll college experience most kids expect and look forward to comming in.


I need to have more money


I wish I had known the people I would meet here. I've made so many valuable contacts and friends here that I wish I'd had them in my life for much longer!


go to class! Grades depend in part on your attendance


Not sure. Nothing in particuar comes to mind.


Come with an openmind and be willing to soak up as much information as you can.


That a lot of the stuff we learn in High School is unnecessary and they spend the first semester trying to unteach us stuff from high school... haha


i wish i'd known that there was going to be so much emphasize on long research papers.


I wish I had known how scary the loans and the responsibilities that they call on would be before I had committed to going to this school. Although, I wouldn't back out of going to this school for that reason.