Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Going back in time I would advise my high school on multiply things. First off the most important would to take as many math, chemistry and biology as I possible can because it will help so much during college. Another item I would advise my high school self is to determine what type of learning is best for myself. College is hard if you do not accommodate the learning style and plus it will help studying skills. Third of all I would advise myself to be more assertive bout asking questions and for clarification on the subject. These items would be the best advise I would be able to give my high school self due to the younger it is practice the easier it would be. Gaining these skills in college has been a learning experience!


During my high school years, I was less serious in my studies. My inability to get outstanding grades has cost me a lot. Some of my determined class mates have their college tuition fully paid for, because of their good academic performance. Here I am, now working both day and night in attempt to complete my outstanding fees. However, I have learnt things the hard way. I have to manage myself in such a way that my studies will not be affected by my work. I have 19 credit hours in college at this moment which I have to make at least a B in all my courses. It is definitely not an easy task considering all my engagements towards work and other plans I have for myself. Had I known things will be the way it is now, I would have worked harder in high school and attained good grades. I believe I would have been more relaxed by now, concentrating fully on my studies and not worrying about how to pay my fees. I believe there is more scholarship opportunities opened to high school students than college students.

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