Saint Francis University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are a mix of fun and exciting people who are well focused on their studies but have good social lives.


My classmates are smart, caring, and just fun to be around; I will truely never be able to forget them.


Everyone at Saint Francis University is very nice, going to a small university let you become close with more of the student body.


My classemates range depending on their feelings and opinions on both professors as well as what the class is dealing with.


My classmates are friendly and outgoing; they are very well focused.


Though there are a few slackers, overall the students at my school want to do well in their chosen profession and additionally are very friendly and inclusive.


There are a lot of outgoing students. They are very active on campus. There are a few bad eggs here and there but they tend to drop out. Students here know when to study, and when to have fun.


My classmates are my closest friends and my family away from home. They definitely help me stay sane whenever class work and studying becomes extremely stressful.