Saint Francis University Top Questions

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This school is in a rural setting. It is a very good school but out in the middle of nowhere.


I moved to Pennsylvania from Colorado thinking I was going to attend a university in Pittsburgh. All of this quickly changed when I went to visit Saint Francis University. The campus was beautiful and the people were warm. The five-year accelerated graduate program at SFU is what became the game-changer for me. No other school I looked at, in over five states, offered an incoming freshman a guaranteed place in a program like this , while offering introductory O.T. classes as early as the freshman year! The school and the programs they offer are by far above average!


This school offered a masters in OT--guaranteed placement in the progam by maintaing a cumulative GPA of 3.0 the end of Junior year--this is a 5 year program. There are only 3 such programs in the sate that I am aware of.


Everybody knows everybody.


I like that it is a small school, and its location. Even though it doesn't have a lot of places to go out, or even restraunts less than 15 minutes away (driving distance), I like the forested hills that surrounds it. The people here are friendly, the classes are small, and professors really take an interest in their students.


My school is somewhat small and quaint. It is not near any huge cities which gives it a country atmosphere. It is somewhat secluded on a little mountain but not too far from a few small cities and towns. The campus, though very cold, looks beautiful during the winter. The campus feels as though it is built right into nature. It is a Franciscan university so it contains certain values that are less prevalent in other larger universities. Service is very highly valued in the community.