Saint Francis University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the winter. The year before I went to college my friends were up there. They told me that they got approximately 10 inches of snow and they were snowed in. It snows alot more there and is much colder. I hate the cold and the fact that pretty much the whole time I was up there is was cold! Walking to class in the cold was also something else that I did not like.


The worse thing about Saint Francis is the location. This is because the weather is also unpredictable one day it is 70 degrees and the next day it could be snowing. Anothing reason is that to get anywhere to buy food and other items, the students need to be able to drive.


The worst thing about St. Francis is that it is located in the country, which can be a big shock for people that are from the city. Since it is relatively far away from any major cities, there aren't that many activities and opportunities to go out or socialize in a "big" setting.


The worst thing about our school is that even though it is small and that can be a good thing it can also be the bad aspect. There are not many places one can go off campus due to the small town setting. However, the student do always find something fun to do on campus.


THe location of the school its far from everything.


The Fine Arts are horribly nelected and nearly non-existant. There are a few are courses available, but that is the extent of it. Sure there is chorus, and a theater program, and lessons for voice or an instrument are offered, but thats about it. The theater club is small and doesn't do musicals and there are no actual theater classes. There are really no dance classes at all! There is a club, but that is student run. Plus there are never any reallly interesting classes offered. Nothing exciting or different. And for someone artsy like me, it sucks.


The location is relatively difficult if you are not used to living in a rural area. It can also be very cold during the winter which can be depressing after a while. Overall the dorm rooms are small, but there are some options for nicer dwellings.


The weather. The winter is unbarable sometimes. Although the campus is beautiful, the wind and bitter cold can be a bit much at times. Be sure to bring an extreme winter coat to SFU. Do not be afraid to bundle up and look like a fool.


It is too small and everybody goes home on the weekends. Also the campus is crummy.


The worst thing about this school was having to have a car to drive and get groceries. There isn't really a supermarket, or WalMart in walking distance.


Everyone is so liberal it is sickening.


The dining hall seems to be going through a transition phase so sometimes the food is really good and other times not so much. My biggest issue is that the vegetables are often overcooked so I do not feel I am receiving proper nutrition when I opt not to use the salad bar.


Our school is too isolated. It's fine for a runner like me because I have space to run, but overall there is not a lot to do. Before I had a car on campus it was hard to find anything to do on weekends besides drink, and I don't drink, so it could be boring when I wasn't competing.


The worst thing about Saint Francis is probably the frequent construction that occurs on and around campus. Obviously, construction of new buldings is necessary in order for the school to grow and stay competitive, but it is rather unpleasant for students to see--and hear. Oftentimes, construction means muddy walkways, loud noises early in the morning, blocked routes,