Saint Francis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The sense of community that the campus provides. As a small campus, we are all there for each other. Getting involved in a organization or sport only strengthens that sense of community that eases the transition from home to being on your own.


Small community and family atmosphere


The best thing about our school is the freindly environment. Most the people are nice and is helpful. The professors are really involved with the students due to the small class. They are always there to help you and if not they will rearrange their schedule to be avaiable to you.


The academic's at my school are very well recognized. We have great professors who work with students one on one.


The best thing about Saint Francis is that it is a growing campus. If there is a club or organization a student wants to start, he or she can. The school is very welcoming and interested in students who take the initiative to create their own college experience. I, along with 17 other girls re-founded a sorority on campus. It took a lot of work, but we were supported by administration. We added our new ideas to the previous constitution and created a great group that focused on leadership and academics. I will have these friends for life.


The education that I received and the social life are the two best things about Saint Francis Unversity. The close-knit community really enhances the education and motivation to work. The university community is not too large. This enables each student to form study groups and form positive, working relationships with the professors. The class sizes are small so that every student is thoroughly engaged.


I consider the best thing about Saint Francis to be the small close knit relationship that is established within the community. Going to a small school like Saint Francis has given me the opportunity to make good friends and build a relationship with the professors, who actually know my name. When attending a large school, the close relationship is not available for students. Saint Francis has provided a wonderful learning envrionment with wonderful people to help the student grow intellectually as well as socially.


The best thing about my school is its size. It isn't big, but it isn't too small.


The helpful faculty. Everybody needs help even off of campus and each and every faculty member will help you in any way. From grades to just social problems, there is always someone there to help.


SFU is a beautiful university with helpful professor and students, the environment is peaceful and relaxing. All these things I consider to be good things about SFU


The smaller campus allows students and professors to develope more of a relationship. These relationships help out both academically and will help with future jobs.


Chemistry department


The size. It's not a big school. I like it since I came from a small high school so I'm used to the size. Also, the size of the classes are great. Probably a maximum of 30 students in a class provides excellent student-teacher relationship.




The landscape, and it is located in a rural area so you can get away from the urban area and have some space.


Small class sizes.


The best part about Saint Francis for me is the small class sizes. The school really makes you feel like you aren't just a number, and the professors really try to help you achieve your goals. Although I might not get the education I would at a larger school, the individual attention makes all the difference.


They are best at their professional Health sciences. They are not equipped for communications majors or computer engineering.