Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


What your dorm will look like depends on your class year; Freshman are most likely to be tripled in one of the older dorms (such as Ward or Haffey), and do not select their own roommates. You can apply to be de-tripled, and the list order follows on a "first come, first serve" basis. My freshman year, I was tripled on the third floor of Ward with two other ladies, and shared a conjoined bathroom with two other ladies next door. We were pretty squished, having to bunk our beds and make room for under-bed storage, but we made do, and soon enough it was mid-semester and we were able to be de-tripled. All of the cabin fever ultimately led to me making a friend for life, so although it was a bit uncomfortable for a while, it was worth it! Most of the dorms have heating and cooling in the rooms, flat carpeting, a standard desk, dresser, closet, and chair, and large, draped sliding windows. The nicest dorm on campus (usually only open to upperclassmen, Juniors and Seniors) is Founders, which is like a swanky hotel inside, red plush couches and all. I have lived in Ward, Keough, Michaelhouse, and Founders, and prefer Keough and Founders best... the lounges are better stocked, more spacious, and the rooms are a touch nicer, overall.