Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

Describe the students at Saint John Fisher College.


My classmates are all veryfriendly, hard-working, and determined to reach their goals just like me.


Fisher strives to promote diversity and works to expand it, but currently a majority of the students are white, upper-middle class, and are from the western New York area. A typical student would be seen in class wearing jeans, Uggs, and often a Fisher hoodie. This does not define all students though. Some on campus are wearing sweatpants or pajamas; others wear dresses or professional attire. This does not prevent different students from interacting though. While many groups of friends are very similar in style, people are not excluded because of their style. Everyone interacts amicably with others, and there is little discrimination. Fisher doesn't focus much on politics so students are not usually politically active or aware; focus is usually placed on sciences. Future income is a topic of discussion that comes up among students both in and out of classes, but usually this is only upperclassmen discussing money.


We do have a variety of races, religions and students of different sexual orientations, but many of the students are in fact white, Christian and straight. This is not to say that this is 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}, but those are the majority. There is an LGBT club on campus, and even clubs called Black Student Union, Asian Student Union, and a Muslim Student Union. I think these clubs are great for anyone feeling left out. The LGBT club hosts a big Drag Show every year which is a lot of fun. Most students either dress up really nice for class, or they wear sweatpants and a Northface or a hoodie. Everyone dresses up very nice for presentations though, which I know is not the case at most schools. Most students in the dining hall sit with their friends from either their major or friends from their dorms. Most of the students in Fisher are from within 75 miles of Rochester, and many of them are middle-class to upper middle-class, though there are a lot of students in the HEOP program that are not very wealthy and many of whom are from NYC. Most students are very politically aware and many are more aware than most about what is going on in the world news, not just the U.S. news. I think that we have a good balance of left-wing and right-wing students. Many students are very career-oriented and are very concerned about what kind of job they will get when they leave college.


About two semesters ago, I took an Anthropology class entitled Anthropology of Sex. Next to my Rhetoric of Hate, this was by far one of the most engaging and enjoyable classes I have every taken before in my class career. It exposed the cruelty of the world and how so many people are labeled. This is why I do not care for stereotypes or things of that nature; I'd rather be my own person without that association to another group. This why I enjoy Fisher. They host a drag show every year to encourage open sexuality, deflecting the prejudice nature of most of the world. The only students I see who feel out of place are the ones who have to work full-time because they are ones who are already working in the labor force. It is a jealous factor, at least for me, I have to work before and after classes just to survive yet there are students who have never even had a job. I've worked since I was 16. Being a supporter of the Democratic party I suppose it wasn't a surprise to see most of the students supporting Republicans. I don't judge them, and they don't judge me. It is not their fault they are wealthier; they are kind enough to not flaunt it or brag how much they will make one day and how they will not have student loans. Most students wear pajama's to be honest. Sweatpants from the school store demonstrating school spirit and comfort. Ugg boots, victoria secrets sweatpants, with the matching top for the girls. Sneakers, Fisher sweats and a hoodie for the boys. Relaxing environment I must say.


There honestly is not a whole lot of diversity on campus in terms of race. The overwhelming majority of students are caucasian. With this being said Fisher does do a nice job coordinating with the other racial groups who set up their own clubs. Whether or not people attend these clubs, I don't know. Homosexuality is on campus but not prevalent and I don't think people really care. We're all old enough to be mature about the topic, or at least most of us are. A typical Dining hall table is actually pretty diverse. There are those that eat with the same group of people over and over again like the baseball team (which no one really lies), and the Plastic-like girls similiar to Mean Girls, if you will. The majority of students are from western and central New York. In order I believe it goes Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and Buffalo. There are kids from Pennsylvania, NYC, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, one from Colorado, and I believe one from California.


The students at Fisher are very friendly and accepting of all types of people. There are numerous clubs on campus supporting the diverse population. There are events showcasing these clubs, and the campus reacts positively to all of them. There are students from different religious backgrounds and different socio-economic groups. None of these differences seem to have an influence on how everyone interacts. Students interact with each other regardless of religious affiliation or sexual orientation. The only type of person who would feel out of place among the Fisher population is someone who is close minded.


While it is assumed that because of the Christian tradition Fisher follows and encourages that the school discourages sexual diversity, that is not necessarily true. There are numerous clubs and organizations that students can get involved in that promote sexual diversity, including a bi-annual drag show held every year that is always a huge hit. Students split somewhat along racial lines, but not always. There is however an overwhelmingly low number of "alternative" students on campus, and this can be somewhat uncomfortable for anyone who walks a little on the wild side. Most students are "preppy", middle class and center, politically.


The Fisher community is very accepting of all types of students on campus. There are clubs for students for whom religion plays a big part in their lives. Fisher also has a Gay/Straight Alliance club on campus that is very active in making Fisher an inclusive community. We also have a Young Voters club for students who are politically active. Most of Fisher's population is made up of students from all over New York State and we have students from out of state and abroad as well. The college offers a lot of financial aid opportunities to students to make the college affordable to everyone. Fisher makes sure that every student is welcome and has access to what they need, be is health care at The Wellness Center, tutors, help for students with disabilities, or just someone to talk to.


My classmates are very diverse but usually respectful of their peers.


The classmates here are fun, helpful, smart, good looking