Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


We have some major student groups. We have SAB (Student Activities Board) which hosts many of the major events we have on campus. We also have Commuter Council, which hosts a lot of off-campus events for commuter students. There is Fisher Players, which is the theater club, and gets a lot of participation for their fall musical and spring play. We get a lot of guest speakers and have a lot of athletic events, but most do not get too many people attending, besides the football team. I am a part of the school newspaper, the Cardinal Courier. I am the Lifestyles section editor. I am also the Editor in Chief of the school magazine, C-Magazine. I have been the president of English Club and I have been a part of several other clubs on campus, including Fisher Players. A lot of people date others that go to Fisher, and many of them stay together after college if they lasted the whole time. I met most of my friends by meeting them in the dorms or at events on campus. During the week, most students hang out with their friends until late and then go back to their dorms and do homework until 1-2 am. People go out on Thursday nights and on the weekends, almost every weekend. We do not have fraternities and sororities on campus, which is something I like. A lot of students go bowling on the weekends, or they go out and get coffee at one of the cafes around Rochester. A lot of people also go to the mall which is about 10 minutes away. Students also go to the movies. Both the movies and the mall have a shuttle. I personally hang out with friends off campus at the mall, at someone's apartment, or we go bowling or putt putt. Bars like The Old Toad have really good food and you don't need to be 21 to go in and you don't need to drink if you are 21.


I don't have the time for school groups. That I must be blunt with. I use to be the president of my class back in high school, in addition, to being head of the art club and model UN. Those programs don't seem so important anymore in college. Most of the kids I see are jockeys. Football plays shaving their heads in unity while sketching their jersey number on their scalp. It is a community, within a community. The games are the highlight of the school functions. Applause and so much support for Fisher athletes. There are after parties naturally, the dorm halls are lined with students celebrating recent victories. Kids leaving doors open, inviting friends in. Friends from classes, associates of friends; creating a mixer type environment. It is through these events that hookups and dating begin. When I say hookups, I mean just sex. The unspoken truth about college. You get drunk in your dorm, sleeping with the guy or girl that wanders in and forget about it the next day. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have seen or heard of that happening. It was a hot topic in my Anthropology of Sex class. Saturday nights are not full devoted to drinking though. Given that school provides rides to local plaza's and the mall it extends the opportunity to get outside of the school and go to the movies, the mall, to the bookstore to get coffee, just to wander and enjoy the relaxation time. I frequently go to Pittsford plaza to the theater, catching up on movies because it involves stepping outside my own life and into someone elses.


The most popular team on campus would be the football team and I say this simply because they are the largest - the team holds just over 100 kids. I really don't believe the clubs and organizations have a huge crowd. Freshman and sophomore year I left my dorm room open as it seemed to be the place where all of my friends got together to hang out. I think a lot more people kept ther door open freshman year just because they wanted to get to know people but as you get older less and less doors are open. In Keough, the junior dorm, I have yet to see a single door open. Ever since I got into a relationship at the end of last year I have been paying attention more and more to who is dating on campus and the answer is not many. I can only think of 7 or 8 couples off the top of my head. I met my closest friends freshman year because they lived on my floor all within 6 rooms of each other. It is a group of about 10 that has gotten bigger since frshman year but we all lived on the same floor. Also, some of my best friends came from being on the Lacrosse team If I am up at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday I am watching T.V. playing Call of Duty or actually doing homework. The weekends are what I assume to be normal for a college weekend. You'd be surprised at the number of students who decide to stay in. Thursday and Saturday nights are the biggest nights of the weekend and friday usually tends to be pretty slow. Wednesday nights, it seems, are getting more popular ech year. If you don't drink I am sure there is plenty of stuff to do around campus - there are always guest speakers, musicians, special guests, movies, and more going on so I am sure you'll find something. Sometimes If I can't drink one night I'll still go out and be DD. You can still go out and not drink - no one is going to pressure you. Again, we're all old enough to not really care about it. Off campus I go to local sports games like the Amerks, Red Wings, and even some high school games. There are a lot of stores, movie theatres, and the Eastview Mall to go to to kill some time. I also just hang out at my house a lot


Some of the most popular student activities are the sports teams. Although Fisher is a smaller school, there are numerous teams and club sports that both men and women can participate in. Since there are also club teams, people can participate in sports without the time consuming commitment that most college level athletics demand. Some of the most active clubs on campus are the Student Government Association and the Student Activities Board. Both clubs put on a multitude of activities and there is usually something happening every weekend. SAB also co-sponsors weekend trips once a semester to somewhere like Boston or Ceder Point for a very low price. There are also many major specific clubs like the Biology Club, the English Club, and the Anthropology Club. These clubs are much smaller than the other clubs on campus but, at the same time, they put on events that draw a more specific crowd which would include people that probably share similar interests to you.


Most students who are involved with something to do with traditional campus life participate in sporting events - the biggest event being the Courage Bowl, attended by a decent number of students from both Fisher and the rival college. Honestly though, few students actively seek out other clubs - between school, work, and family, few have the free-time to devote to another outlet. It is not uncommon for students to do the majority of their platonic and romantic networking online, as Fisher's small pool to select from can be both wonderful academically speaking yet suffocating, personally speaking. I live both on and off campus, holding a dorm as well as an apartment with my partner, and it is difficult to make deep personal connections when I am so nomadic and busy! Weeks are devoted to schoolwork, and weekends are devoted to working doubles at my part-time job, and this seems to be pretty typical for many of my peers as well.


The most popular activities on campus are the sporting events. They are free to all students and a great place to meet new people and hang out with old friends. SGA also holds dozens of events each semester for students to participate in activities and win fun prizes. Fisher has a plethora of academics clubs and also clubs for every type of hobby. It is also very easy to create a club of your own if Fisher does not already have one. Fisher Players is the theater group on campus and they hold a play/musical every semester, as well as talents shows and cabarets. Probably the most attended event Fisher has is the Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament every semester. Students gather in the Campus Center Mainstage to play Super Smash Brother against each other for a chance to win a great grand prize. For those students who like to go out on weekends, Fisher is only ten minutes away from 18+ nightclubs like Tilt in the city of Rochester and also from Eastview Mall and Pittsford Plaza for those that just just want to hang around the nearby towns (a shuttle service is provided every weekend).