Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Challenging, but in a good way. If you have a thought of a class you'd like to take, chances are it is offered at Fisher. This semester I took Reading Gender, which was geared towards looking at media artifacts through a rhetorical lens of different gender, sexuality, racial, and political biases. Next semester I'll be taking one of my first Art classes called "Picturing the Past", which will examine basically how a picture can "say 1000 words" as the expression goes. I'm sure it will be as intensive as my Reading Gender class was, but hopefully equally just as fun!


My classes are very fun. They are intellectually challenging and prompt me to interact with my classmates a lot. The subject matter so fun to learn and the professors really love what they do so it makes it that much more enjoyable. Most require a lot of work, but it's nothing too difficult to handle.