Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Fisher is the small class sizes. During my undergrad studies I got to know my professors on a more personal level, which helped me get a job right after graduation. There's also a pretty strong alumni network, and we all help eachother out.


I love the fact that the campus is small and the class sizes are small because you actually get to know everyone on campus. With the small campus you can get to know your professors on a more personal level; you are more than just a number to them. They know your name, what your aspirations are after graduation and are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet.


I love how accessible the faculty are: they have really helped me with my school work and my personal life whenever an issue comes up. Their willingness to help students outside of the classroom has made a major impact on my decision to remain at this university throughout my college career.


St. John Fisher is a school based on opportunity for all. The staff and faculty are all so accomodating and helpful but they're not going to hold your hand and coddle you - they are going to treat you as if you were already out into the "readl world." Fisher encourages students to pursue their dreams and does everything possible (for those who are willing to work hard) to prepare students for the job market or for grad school.


At Saint John Fisher, there is a strong feeling of community. The first time I visited the campus I was overwhelmed with a feeling of comfort and belonging. My classes are small and intimate so I can easily form relationships with my professors and my peers. At Fisher, I know that I am not just a number on a list of students. making it easier to get the help I need outside of class. The small community feel of Saint John Fisher has made me comfortable enough that the transition to college was as smooth as possible.


The friendly staff in the education department. They were always willing to extend themselves and really become friends with you and not just a teacher.