Saint John Fisher College Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I chose Fisher because of the size. I was definitely looking for a smaller school and Fisher had an amount of students that worked for me. I also wanted to go away to school but not too far away. Fisher is only about an hour and 20 minutes or so away from where I live so, again, Fisher just worked out well for the things I was looking for in a school. Obviously it helps that Fisher has a good academic reputation as well.


Fisher was a small school and I liked the idea of that. I also loved the campus and all of the activities available to students.


I ultimately choose my school because of the small, community size. Sometimes students complain that it it boring, or there is nothing to do on campus (and most partiers go off campus to local clubs or rival schools), but as far as an academic atmosphere where you can legitimately learn and grow, it is stellar. Teachers know you by name rather than by number, soon enough practically every face on campus is a familiar one; I even know many of the members of the maintenance staff by name! The small class sizes allow your voice to be heard, but your teachers also know exactly who is in class, so don't sleep in too often!


St. John Fisher was not even on my radar until November of my senior year. Northeastern, Holy Cross, and Loyola Maryland were my top three choices and the only reason Fisher came up in discussions was because of lacrosse. I figured it would be cool to say that I competed at the NCAA level and that is the primary reason I chose Fisher. Fisher was more expensive and less attractive to me than the other three but like I said I wanted to play lacrosse. Fisher's location did not appeal to me because Rochester doesn't have much to offer and plus I wanted to just get out of Western New York, being from Buffalo; Boston is my favorite city and Baltimore is up there as well.