Saint Johns River State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are very encouraging of one another and many of them actually spend time in the tutoring center to help other students who are struggling in their classwork. There are also many high school seniors who attend college part-time even before they officially earn their diploma.


My classmates are very friendly, engaging, tolerant of everyone else's belief's, interests, and backrounds, racially diverse, interactive, and helpful toward each other.


My classmates are a very diverse group ranging from age 17 to 63 (me). Pagan ,Military, Pacifist, and everything in between as well as every religious and ethnic background. They are fun to be around and are probably some of the most interesting people I know. and they make me feel alive. They push my buttons sometimes, they make me want to scream and once in a while I feel like I;m back in high school - after all that's where most of them just came from - but it's all good.


Some classmates are WONDERFUL, they are your best buddies and study partners and others are MUCH older but act MUCH younger.


My classmates are kind, familiar, and outgoing usually.


Flamboyant performers put on facades while the quiet fine artists hide behind their canvas'.


They are fun outgoing people who like to be around one another.