Saint Johns River State College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


having nothing to compare SJRSC to there is no worst thing unless you count all the students that are younger then my children and even some of my grand children. I feel like a relic.


The worst thing about SJRCC, is that the Nursing program is currently only offfered at 2 of the campuses. Both are quite a distance from my area.


The worst thing about Saint John's River Community College i would have to say the doors could open a little earlier in the morning. Those students who get their early hav to wait out side in chilly weather.


The worst thing about my school is the course listings for each semester. Since it's a small community college, the basic classes for your AA degree are offered again and again. There are enough classes offered in two years to get your degree, but there isn't a lot of choices for your elective credits. The proffessors are willing to work with you though, and I've taken a few classes that were offered by the proffessors upon student request if we could recruit enough people.


Enough students don't interact within the school as far as programs compared to a university. Most students just come to and maybe socialize a little bit and then leave and come back if they have another class later on.


At St. Johns Community College, we have more students then parking spots. The worst this thing about my college is the size of the school. St. Johns is certainly an excellent choice for a college, but if your looking for an immeasurable size for a school, then St. Johns River community college is not for you.