Saint Johns River State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Getting in touch with financial aid representatives or couselors.


Everything is very nice; however one area I would complain about is the lack of campus housing/dorms. I want to experience the college life, but I also want to be close to home. I don't want to live at home but just be near it.


Because the nursing program is so new, they seem to be still working out a few kinks. And during the fall and spring semesters the parking is worse than the mall around Christmas time.


It's kind of hard to say because I 'haven't found anything too stressful or frustrating. The only thing that might upset me from time to time is not understanding somthing in class or a homework assignment. But I always can count on one of my great teachers to take the time out to help and explain to me whatever it is I'm not understanding then all my frustration is gone.


The instructors at St. Johns River Community college are amazing. The only thing that frustrates myself in college is when I do not understand something we are doing in class. Sometimes I have a hard time with comprehension. Thats the only reason why I get frustrated.