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The one part of this school that I like to talk most about to other people is the community aspect. Of all the schools to which I applied in senior year, this was the one that really provided an awesome community of faculty, staff, and students. I was very impressed by the number of friends that people here had and the way they got along. My tour guide passed at least twenty people he knew on our forty-five minute tour, and I really wanted that to be me. In the freshman dorms especially, there is an "Open Door Policy" where students are encouraged to keep their doors open when in their room so that people the know or even don't know can stop in and chat. It was a really great way to get to know people last year, and I met tons of new friends that way. Most people still adhere to that "policy" after they finish their first year. I value relationships over almost all else, and this is place fits me perfectly in regard to my values.

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