Saint Johns University Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Between the two campuses at CSBSJU, there are four eating establishments. Gorecki (CSB) and the Refectory (SJU) are the two main dining centers, with all-you-can-eat buffet-style eating, and McGlynn's (CSB) and Sexton (SJU) give out individual (but filling and tasty) meals in exchange for meal punches or meal flex dollars. McGlynn's is perfect if you want to grab a burger and fries with some friends after working out or playing intramurals, and Sexton is a great place to get a sub or a sandwich on the go. Both of those facilities are very comparable to each other, as are Gorecki and the Reef. The food is really good at all four establishments, and while McGlynn's and Sexton offer a large variety of options from an a la carte menu, Gorecki and the Reef change up their menu every day, while staying to a certain formula (they always have the grille, homestyle cooking, salad/soup, and deli stations, and the international section changes from day to day from things such as Italian pasta to Asian rice and stir fry).

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