Saint Johns University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I recently graduated in 2013 and looking back I would have to say the people and the community are the best things. I made a lot of life time friends and shared amazing experiences I never thought possible. The strong community allowed me to gain several different perspectives on life and made me a better person. It is a proud place to call home for the years I spent there.


The community at Saint John's is incredible. As a new student you immediately become part of huge family and community of current students, engaged alumni, and the monastic community. There is a special connection that is formed while at SJU. It's nothing you can put your finger on. Some say there is something in water.


I would say the most unique thing about the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University is the dual-campus system. The College of St. Benedict was once an all-girl school founded by a community of Benedictine nuns, and St. John's university was an all-boy school founded by a similar community of Benedictine monks. The two schools ended up merging into one college with two campuses separated by about an eight-minute bus ride. This adds a very neat feature to the college experience. We have twice the campus space and facilities for the same amount of students, which is great. There is a thirty-minute passing time between daily classes, which gives you plenty of time to head to your room quickly if you need to and catch the bus to the other campus for your next class. The only thing about this school that isn't co-ed is the living situation. The girls' dorms are at St. Ben's, and the guys live at St. John's. I think it is a practical environment that promotes healthy living.


There's a definite community to CSBSJU, and you'll feel that through the classes and your free time. I feel that by the end of a class, I usually know the professor, and they know me. The professors will take time to meet with you, and take an interest in you personally as a student. There's a lot of activities to do, but St. Joseph and Collegeville are small towns, so there's not much noise or crime.


The best thing about St. John's is the sense of belonging at the school. People who attend the school love it, and former students are always nostalgic when talking about their alma mater. The school offers such a variety of activities and ways to remember your college experience that no matter what one does, four great years are almost assured.

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