Saint Josephs College-Suffolk Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to see a psychologist. Why? Because it's their job to cousel you and help you understand youself better. Throughout my senior year, as well as the last two years in college, I have been really lost on which career to choose. People kept telling me to "go with my passion". Although I am passionate about a few things, including reading, art, yoga, and traveling, I had no idea how I could formulate a well paying, well respected career out of those things. I choose Child Education because I come from a family of teachers. I knew deep down this is not my passion, but I didn't think I had any other options. If I had paid attention to myself more, I might have chosen Communications/Journalism studies instead. I daydreamed about the current events in the media and always kept myself updated on the latest headlines. So my advice is that passion doesn't always slap you in the face. Take more time to think about yourself and don't rush into the rest of your life.


First and foremost I would emphasize the importance of getting a college education. Specifically explaining that while back in 1994 there were many occupations that you could obtain without an advanced degree, this would not be the case in the millenium. Secondly, I would ask my 18 year old self to try and develop better study and note habits. I don't feel that my High School experience prepared me for the independent learning that College ultimately required. Typically my High School teachers would post all of my notes on the board and I would obediently (at times) copy them down per perbatim. I wasn't prepared to listen to a lecture and tune in to what the key components were. Additionally, my teachers would provide me with a summary sheet of exactly what would be on an upcoming test or quiz. Needless to say I was lost when I attending my first semester and had to pay attention, try to comprehend the lesson overall, and ultimately identify the key areas to study. Overall, the conversation would be to stop focusing on boys and focus on your future. You have no idea how essential and rewarding an education can be!


Dear high school me, Get used to writing, because you're going to be doing a lot of it., but eventually you're going to get really good at it. Make sure you raises your hand and ask questions if you're lost or if you have an interesting point to make. Don't worry about your major. Choose liberal arts and take electives to figure out what to major in later. Don't worry too much about making friends. You'll find people as long as you're willing to open up a little like introducing yourself or asking for help. You're going to learn that there are all kinds of people out there. Some of them are a lot marter and more motivated and some of them are not. Don't worry though, just focus on what you are. Visit career services right away., they're really helpful no matter what year you're in. Try to get a work study position to earn money and work experience. If you join a club and it doesn't feel like the right fit, don't give up, just keep trying clubs, or maybe even start your own!


The advice I would give myself in high school would be to not procrastinate any paper in college like I did all throughout high school. College is a lot harder than high school so you need to be on top of your work at all times so you don't get caught up in the end and stressed out that you have too much to accomplish at the end of the semester.


I would tell myself to not let my guidance counselor pressure me into applying to schools that I knew I didn't want to go to. It only gave me more grief when actually choosing my school.


The most valuable lesson I've learned is that you can never have enough knowledge. There is always going to be something else that you can discover around the corner. The possibilities are endless if we just look. I have learned more than I expected and my goals have been refined and made clearer because of it. My hope is to get my degree and continue on my life adventure with confidence that all I have learned will lead me to bigger and greater things. I will look to forward to adding more lessons along the way by partaking of St. Joseph's extensive selection of coursework.


My college experience has enabled me to get a better understanding of the external environment and has taught me values in order to ensure that I make the right decisions for myself in the future. Not only have I gained the knowledge I need to enter in the field of my choice, by I have learned how to lead by example and how to work as a team with others. Attending college offers a chance to explore diverse opportunities and to have experiences that may not be available once I enter into the working world. Looking back, I do not regret my decisions for attending college because I have been able to make great friends in addition to expanding my education and my personal growth. In the beginning I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do with my life but going to college teaches you that it's ok to make mistakes and it allows you to discover who you are and who you want to become.


So far I have become more confident in who i am and have shed who i was in high school for the better. I am more open and trust people more and am my own person. It has been valuable to attend because this environment is so nurturing you never want to drive home!


My experience at St. Joseph's college was a valuable one in many respects. The college maintains a high standard of professionalism. The professors were knowledgable in many areas and provided assistance beyond what may have been required. The college staff was friendly and helpful. Student programs were plentiful and exciting. The school provided many opportunities for students to be involved in community service. Campus security was dilligent in providing a safe environment. Lastly, the students were friendly and academically driven, which I feel was due to the professional atmosphere, organized programs, and personal assistance. As an adult student returning to college to change my career, I felt comfortable and confident from the very start of entering St. Joseph college. St. Joseph's college provided me with all I neede to be successful including resume writing and interviewing practice. My two young daughters who watched me learn and grow with St. Joseph's now have a deep seeded respect for continued education. I am proud to say that I am a St. Joseph's graduate!


I become involved in extracurricular activities which broadened my horizons and made me more prepared for life and work experiences.


Many times I have said to myself, "I wish I could go back to high school and have done things differently." If it was possible to talk to myself as a high school senior, the most important thing I would tell myself would be that I can't rely on anyone but myself to be motivated. Knowing what I know now, I have learned that in college, teachers don't hold your hand and help you through each assignment and tell you "I know you can do it". I would tell myself that I am the only one who can motivate me to do well and complete all the assignments. I would tell myself that transitioning into college will take some time, but that eventaully I would get the hang of it, to not worry about how different it is compared to high school, but to think of it as an amazing step towards my future.


As i look back at being a high school student, I wish i could've made myself realize that opportunities come once in a lifetime. The realities of the simplest actions, that I was capable of doing, would be brought into prospective. I would make myself realize that studying for just an hour, 1 day at a time, could give me the ability to achieve an A. I would encourage myself to understand how such a simple task could bring me closer to the satisfaction and graditude of knowing that I could achieve anything. I would prove to myself that school doesn't have to be your whole life but, it should be a very important and special part of it. I would love to prove to myself that success can come without hesitation and all it takes is sincere dedication. Understanding that most advantages lie within yourself and everyone has the ability to embrace them to thier fullest potential would be the words of wisdom i would need to hear. Having the opportunity to give myself the wings I needed to fly and achieve what I overlooked daily, would be the best opportunity that anybody has to offer.


During my senior year of high school I didn't have that much on my plate. I only had about 5 classes versus the typical 8 and the teachers weren't particularly hard on us that year. But if i could go back to that year I would of advised myself to get into the habit of reading more and took extra classes. I had a lot of free time during my senior year. In that free time I feel should of been spent developing better study habits and got into reading more like I used to. When I started college I was in such a shock because I was transitioning from easy to hard, with no in between. Knowing what I know now, I would of back then took more classes to challenge myself, and read and study more. It would of helped me in the long run when I started college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would change a couple of decisions I made. Overall, I would have taken high school more seriously, and not just have done what I had to do to get by. I would have liked to take more of the challenging classes that my high school had to offer. When one sends their transcript to a college, colleges like to see that that student challenged themself. It looks better to a college if one takes a harder class and recieves a lower grade than one who took the easy way out to recieve the higher grade in an easier class. When my senior year came I took classes for college credit and APs but I would have liked to have started that sooner. I would have also liked to have done better on my SATs and ACTs. If I could go back i would have told myself to take the ACTs a second time, and to have gotten a tutor sooner to help me learn different strategies to do better on the SAT.


During high school I completely took advantage of how easy life really was with no worries, as well as I didn't study or care about school as much as I should have. The advice that I would give to myself if I were able to go back in time would be to work harder, study more, and enjoy high school as much as possible. I would tell myself how stressful college truely is especially if you are not used to having to work hard for the grades you want. Professors simply just don't excuse you because you forgot or did not feel like coming to class, they say too bad make it up for a penalty of however much off your grade.


I would tell myself that you can't slack off in school. College requires even more work than high school. You have to be really dedicated to the dreams you have for your life, if you have that you will achieve them. The transition from high school to college is really difficult. Many people come from an easy senior year and are shocked by the amount of work and dedication it takes to get through college, so prepare yourself now. Walk into college with confidence, even if you are scared to death and don't be afraid to ask for help. That's what they are there for. Also, many people come from high schools were the teachers seem impersonal. College allows you to develop relationships with your professors and they will be able to help you too. Last, take the time to appreciate the great education you have and the school you go to. Too many people stress all throughout college and four years can fly by really quickly. Stop your busy life just enough in order to take it all in.