Saint Josephs College-Suffolk Campus Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The community that is created on campus. SJC is like a family.


The best thing about my school would be that the faculty are very helpful. At some colleges the faculty say that they are too busy to answer questions, but at my college, the faculty state on the first day of classes that students can come speak to them about anything whenever they have to. We can go during office hours, stay late after class, set up a meeting, etc. This has been helpful to me because I transferred to this college and it made me feel welcome to the college.


So far, everyone who I've come in contact with from St. Jospehs has been very helpful, understanding and encouraging. This will be my first semester attending St. Josephs starting Thursday, the 21st. I chose to attend St. Jospehs because of their reputation for educating all who major in child study, which is my major, and from all the positive feedback from people who have actually attended or graduated from St. Josephs. I've heard very good reviews about their teachers and so far it has been a very plesant and welcoming experience.