Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and Greek life are big. I am in a sorority, Alpha Phi, and absolutely love it. I have made so many great friends and have had so many fun events to partake in. It has definitely made my college experience worthwhile. Students in freshman dorms tend to leave their doors open, but not when getting apartments as sophomores and older. The only popular athletic events re for basketball. I met my closest friends from the dorm I lived in freshman year and from my sorority. The are many guest speakers and a theater where different singing groups and the drama group put on productions. On a Tuesday, if you are awake at 2, you are studying. If it is a weekend you are either at a bar, at another school, at a house party, or eating a cheesesteak at Larry's. People usually party on Thursday-Saturday or any one of those days. Many people do date on campus. Last weekend I had my sorority formal. On a Saturday night, one can hang out with their friends, go shopping, go to a concert, or just walk around the city if they do not want to drink. Off campus I shop, go out to eat, go out to concerts, and go into the city.


Some people party every night, others party once a month. Luckily, every person can find their group of friends that they fit in with. Personally, I would suggest two nights on the weekend and one during the week if the workload is light.


The most well known people on campus I would say are those in the sororitys and fraternitys that may be my bias however because I am involved in greek life. The redshirts are a large presence on campus as well. In my dorms we all socialized with one another, we would leave our door open so we could talk with one another. I met my closest friends by joining my sorority Alpha Phi.


I met my closest friends by being randomly placed in housing sophomore year. Everything turned out great.


Hand in Hand, Appalachian Experience, and Greek Life are very popular. There are many things going on at all times at SJU. I love that the city is so accessable to students, even without a car.


My biggest social life experience at St. Joe's was Alpha Phi, my sorority. As a transfer student in my sophomore year I found that I wanted to branch out and meet more people than just my roommates, and a sorority was the perfect way to do that. I am not a typical sorority girl, and I would have to say that St. Joe's Greek life in general is not the typical, made-for-tv movie, kind of Greek life. Each sorority is a little bit different, and each offers girls something different, but overall we are all in the same boat, and we intermix our friends between the sororities. Because we don't have houses, a St. Joe's rule, Greek life is somewhat different in that we spend most of our time interacting in the Cafeteria during free period. I met my closest friends through Alpha Phi, and while that may sound limiting, being friends with them has led to more friends, and more new experiences than I could have ever hoped for. As a senior, like many others at St. Joes, I moved to Manayunk with my best friends in the Summer before senior year. Manayunk is another area of Philadelphia, about 10 minutes away from St. Joe's campus, where a large amount of Philadelphia area college students live. It has become a real college town, and the nightlife is the best around. There are about 6 different bars that we frequent on the weekends, and you cannot go out without seeing someone you know in every one. Last weekend I went to a Phillies game with my friends and out to get cheesesteaks at Pat's steaks. Very stereotypically Philadelphia, but very fun. On a Saturday night St. Joe's also offers a variety of activities that don't involve drinking. They have a night where you can stuff a stuffed animal that wears a little t-shirt that says "someone at St. Joe's loves me" (I still have mine), and they have various other movie nights and opportunities to just hang out with friends in Campion (the student center).


Greek life is somewhat of a big deal at St. Joes, but only if you are involved in it. We don't have greek housing, and there are only 4 fraternities and 4 sororities, so its different from many other schools, but really nice. Its not stereotypical Greek Life, and most organizations take as much pride in their community service as they do in their partying! The administration is always trying to plan good events for students, but because of our small size, there are not many major (extremely popular) speakers/events.


Drinking is big on the Saint Joe's campus. There are always little parties in the dorms, but watch out for RA's and security. If they bust you, everyone will get a good chuckle when the incidents of crime comes out in the weekly paper. The off-campus party scene has been going downhill in the last few years with neighbors being constantly annoyed and calling the police. The bar scene around Saint Joe's is huge. The basketball games at Saint Joe's are one event that tons of students always attend. Other than that, it really depends on the event and student interest.


Greek like is the way to go.


My sorority is my favorite organization.... greek life is different here. Its nothing like the southern school you hear about. We dont have houses or a frat row... we just hang out and enjoy each others company. We live togther on or off campus, we got out or host parties. We do serivce and philanthropy. We are competitve during greek week which is like spirit week or night in highschool with games and chants and songs all week. Dating here is interesting since st. joes takes pride in the fact that some large percantage like 40% of st. joes students marry someone from st. joes "hawk mates" as they like to call it... but most of my friends and myself have relationships long distance out of school. Their is alot of hooking up and at the bars on college nights there is a lot mixing with the other philly schools. Myt clostest friends are in my sorority i dont know what i would do with out them. If its 2 in the morning their is always larry cheesesteaks across the street from school! On a saturday night you can go to campus and there is always sober events being hosted until 2 am!


Get involved at St. Joe's! I think it's made my experience at St. Joe's so much more fulfilling. Yes, I know the kids who go to class and go back to their apartment and they still love St. Joe's but getting involved lets you meet a ton of people you might not usually meet. Greek life is underrated at St. Joe's. I'm in a sorority and I think it's made my transition into college a lot easier and a lot of fun.


I am in Greek life, in the sorority Alpha Phi, and although Greek life is not a huge part of life here, I absolutely love my sorority. I have a group of girls I can go to for anything whether it be someone to party with, shop with, eat lunch with, or just ask for advice. The bar scene is very big here because security is pretty strict about campus parties, and most students have fake i.d.s Basketball games are extremely popular to attend, and most students have a lot of team spirit. Hand in Hand and Up til Dawn are two huge events to support good causes which every single sports team, fraternity, sorority, and club participates in, as well as other members from the school community.