Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Everyone is rich and white.


Some stereotypes about St.Joe's and their students is that all of the students that go here are very well-off, that we can drink large amounts of alcohol and that we party often.


Preppy, racist, not inviting of gays, spoiled, drunk


snobby, white upper to middle class


St. Joe's is often stereotyped as the haven for white, middle and upper middle class, preppy, suburban, Catholics. It has been said that St. Joe's is small-minded and slow to change it's long-held beliefs.


That they are all stuck up rich white kids.


People think that all Saint Joe's students are rich, white, preppy kids who get everything from mommy and daddy.


That we're a bunch of rich stuck-up yuppies who like driving around in daddy's BMW and spending his money. That we can't work for ourselves and like to have everything given to us.


rich, catholic, snobs.


Private School Kids, stuck up, materialistic, and more focused on parties


That it's a back up school for people who didn't get into Villanova and that we're all rich preppy kids. Some good things are that we are known to be a hardworking group of students who do a lot of good things for the community.


St. Joe's is considered a school made up of kids that didn't get into nova; which is bullshit, cuz i got into nova and know a bunch of other kids did too. the school gives out tons of scholarship money and so practically everyone is on scholarship. we're all preppy, white, and identical. it's really small but we love each other.


rich snobby nova rejects


The two most common stereotypes are that the student body here is made up entirely of white affluent students.