Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


People think that SJU is filled with white, upper-class rich kids. As with any school, there are some people that fit the stereotype, but not all do. Yes, there are some kids that go here that are from wealthy families (and most of the students here are white). However, not everyone here is. There are many kids here that are from a middle-class background and there are many kids that are going here on a scholarship.


The stereotype for students at SJU is that they come from Northeastern Catholic Private Schools which is mostly true but although most come from a diverse background everyone is different when you get to know them.


Many Caucasian well-to-do students that come from middle or upper class families. The majority of girls are known as being preppy and many of the boys are considered "bros."


I think it is accurate-most of the students who go to school here come from private Catholic high schools.


Students tend to be rich and preppy. Seems to be true