Saint Joseph’s University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone who is looking for a really great college experience but is also willing to put in the hard work necessary to do well and graduate.


If you would like to become a very "well rounded" student, then Saint Joseph's is for you. SJU provides an education that allows students to explore a variety of courses during their time there. A person who actually enjoys attending class will appreciate an education at this university because of the rather strict attendance policies and expensive tuition costs. A typical SJU student expects an ample workload, but also makes time for fun on the weekends.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who cares deeply about their future and have a desire to succeed while enjoying their time on campus.


This school is perfect for someone who wants a "middle ground." Located on the outskirts of Philadelphia, it allows for a beautiful campus without being isolated. Classes are small, but large enough to provide a varied student body. The students are intelligent, but with faculty willing to help, they do not have to be geniuses. The university encourages students to be well-rounded in mind, body, and spirit, but it is up to the student to take the initiative to challenge themselves. Generally, the kind of person who should attend this school is enthusiastic, warm-hearted, and eager to learn.


A person that is driven to have a very good education should attend this school. If you are serious about your future career and the education you want to receive, then SJU is a wonderful school! Also, there are small class sizes, so the teachers know names and you are simply not just a number to them. They care about you and the extra help is always available. If you like helping others, Saint Joe's also has many opportunities for that.


An open-minded and motivated student who is interested in service and a close-knit community should attend this school.


Business school-oriented; greek life oriented; people who tend to go with the flow instead of making a splash.


People willing to work and have a good time. Alot of people from private high schools.


White high class people should attend. You also should not have alot of school spirt, because we don't. Our cafeteria and food are terrible. Although we are a great academic institution for business, I really think it prepares you for the real world.


Students who should attend this school should be prepared to work hard to get where they want to go. They need to be willing to learn. They should also be open to new ideas and experiences. Be prepared to meet many new people and make tons of life-long friends. Also, people should attend this school if they want to have an experience that they'll never forget!


The type of person who should attend this school is someone who is looking for small class sizes, and wants to study business or social sciences.


One who is up for a mental, spiritual, and emotional challenge. One who has an unmovable faith and is willing to fight for their beliefs and not accept someon elses qualifications of self


A person who is willing to work hard for their goals but also is looking for comradere with those around you. SJU is very community oriented and those who can fit in with that should attend


Anyone who is looking for a strong liberal arts program in Philadelphia.


A comfortable middle class person who does not like big schools with a lot of different types of people. Also someone who is not too keen on being in the center of a major city.